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Dark Chocolate Almond oR Peppermint Bark Recipe


* Recipe by guest contributor Laney Schwartz, creator of Life is But a Dish


HOMEMADE holiday gifts! If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until the very last possible second to get 1 million gifts for everybody on your list! Am I right, or am I right?!?

Well, have no fear my friends. I’ve got the easiest, yummiest, homemade Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark EVER. And it starts with a bowl of melted chocolate. Let’s all take a moment…

Dark-Chocolate-Peppermint-Bark Dark-Chocolate-Peppermint-Bark-3

Honestly, I’d be happy if somebody just gave me a bowl of that for the holidays. Can I just dive right in?

The other great thing about this bark, is you can add any toppings/flavor combinations that you like! Of course, I couldn’t just make the one kind. I also made this Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt bark for the sweet and salty lovers out there.


I mean seriously, would you just look at those yummy salt crystals! YES!

So make one, make ’em both, or make up your own! Your friends and family will love you for it, and you won’t be stressed anymore.


Happy holidays my friends!

Click through for the full recipe: Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark Recipe


You can thank me later.

Laney Schwartz

Hi, I'm Laney! Home cook, mom, wife, workout junkie, and ultra crazy food lover! Creator of Life is but a Dish - a space where you will get a sneak peek into my world which mainly consists of food, family, and friends. Join me on this wonderful journey called life, one dish at a time. Find me on Instagram at lifeisbutadish

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