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#MondayMotivation // Take Your Power Back!

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Do you ever find yourself waking up and immediately going into some mental drama with someone or something that isn’t even there?

It could be a boss, a lover, a friend, a job, an event or situation and you go over it again and again in your head or argue with a person mentally who’s not even in your presence… if you find yourself doing this it’s because you’ve given that person or thing your power.

It’s far easier to blame that person or thing for stealing your power because it’s usually their behavior or actions or the way they treat you that you find yourself arguing about, almost as if you’re trying to convince yourself they are either good or bad for you, (mostly bad for you, but it can go either way) but as horrible as the person may be, only we can consent to giving away our power to them.

And if you find them on your mind, feeling like they’re draining you when they’re in your presence or not, you’ve allowed them to control you and it’s time to take your power back.

I know what this feels like because I’ve done it in the past and I find myself doing it in my present. It’s those little annoying people that have a way of getting under your skin, pushing all your buttons, and triggering you to react just so they can fill up their ego by stealing your light and power, leaving you feeling weak and convincing you that you need them in some way or another. They sneak in and leave you feeling powerless sometimes without your knowing, like an energy vampire, and oftentimes you need days to recover, feeling so tired and empty that you can’t even manage your daily life.

It’s like these people LOVE to set you off, will do anything to get you angry if you’re not giving them attention, will seek negative attention over no attention at all, will even guilt you into giving them what they need to fulfill their needs and when you’re a kind and empathetic person, it’s a bit challenging to not fall prey to their habitual toxic energy sucking.

But you are not their victims. And you have to remind yourself of that -over and over and over- each time you hear your mind fall back into an argument with them STOP IT in that very moment you recognize it with an affirmative and empowering statement that fills you up. Here’s one that works for me…

I have the Power and I am in control of my own life!


If you can’t NOT see the person or thing that is triggering you, if you can’t really get them out of your life for good and you have to deal with them on an almost daily basis, you’re going to have to find ways to protect yourself from them so as not to fall into their trap again. Remind yourself that whatever tools they are using to get you back into their energy force are simply to satisfy their own needs and not yours, EVEN IF THEY TELL YOU THEY’RE DOING IT ALL FOR YOU. They are not. They are only doing it for themselves.

This is how they work. There are many names for these kind of personalities but the point is to not give them your power any longer, so it’s pointless to try to label them as such. And sometimes when you give them a label, you let yourself off the hook by saying it’s all their fault and victimizing yourself again.

Pay attention to the feeling you get when you’re around them or after you spend time with them and plan accordingly to combat it. Sometimes I even put up an invisible shield when I start to feel their energy is affecting me, but if that’s not enough and I feel the drain or feel them start to rile me up, I just have to walk away.

Think about how you’re going to behave and approach them before you see them as a way to self protect until you no longer allow them to steal your energy. It may take a little work in the beginning, but over time, you will hopefully be able to completely pull away from them and not allow them to cause you pain any longer. The truth is that they don’t care if they’re causing you pain, as long as they are getting their needs met they are happy.

But remember, you have the power. You are in control of your own life. Only you can give that away. Just beware of sneaky energy vampires who will do anything to dim your light to make their own brighter.

Happy Monday Lovecats! Empower Yourself Today!

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