You Take the High Horse, I’ll Take the High Road

What I’m Wearing…

* Cargo pants by J Brand – about 8 years old now and STILL FAVES! I first wore them in this outfit post back in 2010… I think also they’ve lasted SO long because (well, they’re made really well. I think they were $225 at the time, which I thought was outrageous but clearly worth it) and I used to not dry them in the dryer, but only air dry them. Recently though I started wearing them to work (renovating Dogwood) and have started drying them in the last year or so which DID change the fit to slightly more snug but also softer… AND they’re still comfy. I swear they’re made with extra butt room so they never feel like they’re smashing my ass like so many skinny jeans and pants feel like they’re doing (LOL) I would buy new ones and in any color they made if I knew they were still available. I think the style was called “Houlihan”
* Sweater from Jigsaw London (also years old)
* Faux fur vest from Free People (super old can’t find anything like it)
* Dominion NZ boots (sent to me years ago – but I can’t find them anywhere so I’m linking to similar UGGS)
* Tortoise shell sunglasses (I think I’m wearing my Phillip Lim shades here)
* Balenciaga bag

Just being a Basic Betty in this outfit which you can see me wearing in a slightly more dressed up version back in 2012 … but this has become one of my many work outfits, which include old jeans and Uggs, leggings or yoga pants and Uggs, or sweats and Uggs… it’s a good thing I have about three pairs to rotate, but they’ve all pretty much gotten demolished in this last year, as with everything else… and honestly, I REALLY cannot wait until this part of the process is over and I can start dressing up again and putting on makeup and doing my hair and nails and feeling like a damn woman again!

* Title: Kacey Musgraves – High Horse

the lyrics to this song are HILARIOUS!

Also the beat is great and the little banjo is fantastic. It’s like sugary-disco-country-pop… I love everything about it… just makes me wanna laugh and dance

Oh, I bet you think you’re John Wayne – Showing up and shooting down everybody
You’re classic in the wrong way – And we all know the end of the story

‘Cause everyone knows someone who kills the buzz – Every time they open up their mouth
Yeah, everyone knows someone who knows someone – Who thinks they’re cooler than everybody else

And I think we’ve seen enough, seen enough – To know that you ain’t ever gonna come down
So, why don’t you giddy up, giddy up – And ride straight out of this town

– You and your high horse

I bet you think you’re first place – Yeah, someone should give you a ribbon
And put you in the hall of fame – For all the games that you think that you’re winning

– If You’re Too Good For Us, You’ll be Good Riding Solo

I am having SUCH a hard time with this horrendous blogging schedule I’ve been keeping. It’s killing me!

Since 2008 I have been consistently posting 5-7 times a week (give or take a few hard weeks in the last ten years) but mostly, I’ve posted every day or every “work day” and lately and in the past year, it has fallen so short and it’s driving me crazy! And it’s hard NOT being hard on myself for it too… even though the reason is good, it’s still not good enough for me.

We are getting extremely close to opening Dogwood Tavern… like we just had our last inspection yesterday and had one major thing to fix and if we pass today, we can TECHNICALLY OPEN! So this means we’ve been working round the clock to get everything finished and ready and even when I’m not there physically in the building working, I’m home working on something for it or on the business side of it or dealing with partners and have so little time left over, I can’t manage both of my businesses right now. And even when I do get a little free time, I’m usually so drained that I have no creativity left.

This entire process and last year and a half of my life has been the most challenging, most trying, most difficult, hardest financially, emotionally, anything and everything has gone wrong AND I’m at the cusp of having everything I ever wanted (relatively speaking) or about to lose everything I’ve ever worked my ass off for (including my house – thanks to my now ex-husband).

blending into the mountain -

The pressure and stress level as of late has been in the red zone and I breakdown in tears at least once a day, if not multiple times. There are days when I just do not want to get out of bed and cannot even think about dealing with one more iota of chaos, but I have to. This has been the hardest journey I’ve ever embarked upon, but it’s also because everything changed for me financially in the last year and a half too, which is always stressful.

Anyway, this is all to say that my life is insane at the moment and has been for over a year now. I’m desperately trying to hold it all together and figure out a way to keep my house in the process, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to at this point. I do know that once Dogwood opens and I have a real schedule and will be finally running a bar rather than stuck in a renovation, I’ll be able to get back to a regular blogging schedule and hopefully include fun events and parties going on there as well… and getting back to the consistency of blogging -of what I know so well- will be such a blessing.

It’s funny that about two years ago I realized I was bored with blogging alone, which is one of the reasons I jumped into another business, but now I’m so grateful when I have the chance to be calm and creative and get back to blogging. It’s funny how life has to really shove it in your face sometimes just so you can see how good you have it when you do.

So I’m grateful.

basic mountain style

Happy Friday Lovecats!

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