Strange as Angels… Dancing in the Deepest Oceans

slip dress with sweater and boots

What I’m Wearing…

* Grey sweater by UNIF
* Vintage slip dresses, layered (Emerson Thorpe has a bias slip dress I’m OBSESSED with) And I pretty much want every spring dress from Yumi Kim
* Classic biker jacket
* Sunglasses by Ferragamo
* Suede boots by Ted & Muffy
* Balenciaga classic town bag

* Title: The Cure ‘Just Like Heaven’Why are you so far away, she said… Why won’t you ever know, that I’m in love with you… That I’m in love with you…

It’s finally starting to feel like spring… even though technically, it did snow the other night here, the sun is shining again and the days are longer and I feel all the goodness of spring and summer starting to penetrate my being. As if I don’t have enough situations in my life that are begging for a little patience, the seasons are my biggest reminder to just breathe and allow life to bloom around me.

Nature doesn’t doubt the cycle of life… the trees aren’t worried all winter that their leaves and flowers aren’t going to blossom come spring, so why do we?

There are certain moments shared with others or even alone, where a lightness comes over me and I can see beyond all the stress of the moment and into the future, where everything has finally fallen into place and it makes me smile to glimpse a reality that I’ve been working so hard for.

It seems that no matter what though, patience is something I’m always striving for. I want the certainty… even though when I have it, I want the chaos again. There’s an aliveness in the chaos, an electricity in the unknowing, yet the discomfort has me searching for answers, clinging to results instead of enjoying the process.

There is so much in life to be grateful for that sometimes the fear of losing it all gets in the way of the greatness. Fear tends to get in the way of everything really, and it’s my least favorite emotion. Sometimes it’s lurking without my awareness and sometimes it’s a neon fucking flashing light. But either way, fear is ultimately the thing that holds us back in life and keeps us from being true to ourselves.

We lower our standards because we’re afraid to risk. We hide our emotions because we’re afraid to be judged. We hold back from saying what we want to say because we’re afraid to get hurt. We run away because we don’t want to feel the pain.

The trees don’t hold back their blooms because they’re afraid it might snow again and freeze their efforts… instead they dance boldly in the sunlight and sway peacefully in the breeze… just like a dream… and really, so should we.

Happy Friday Lovecats!

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