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DIY 2015 Fall Fashion Trends // Detachable Faux Fur Cuffs

camel coat_ jeans_fur cuffs_oxfords

Wearing: Smythe coat // Splendid turtleneck // Blank NYC jeans // Patent brogues

camel coat with fur cuffs _ diy detachable fur cuffs

Next up in my DIY Hacks: 2015 Fall Fashion Trends series Detachable Faux Fur Cuffs.

I actually used to make and sell these in the ’90s… I’d usually sell a combo of a faux fur scarf with the cuffs to match so you can kind of mix and match and add them to sweaters, dresses, coats, or whatever you like. They also work well for Halloween Costumes, if by chance, you’re going as a lion, or cat, or any animal.

I tend to use this same fur for all {or most} of my faux fur DIYs because I have so much of it and it works on many different levels. However, so many different styles and piles of faux fur would work for this project. These detachable faux fur cuffs are actually pretty fun to have because you can upgrade any outfit and make it look entirely different AND stay a little warm for winter while doing so.

Inspo: A Touch of Fur

Fur cuffs - Gucci 2015

The monster furs that percolated on the street style blogosphere this winter were chopped and screwed for fall, and pieces of mink, fox, and Mongolian lamb fur were collaged onto everything from prim double-breasted coats at Prada to evening dresses at Proenza Schouler.

Cuffin’ season refers to that time in late October/early November when the days start to get short and cold and you need to lock down a steady hookup so that you don’t have to wander around in the frigid winter looking for love. The cuffin’ season trend is sorta like that…except with sleeves! The commitment is minimal: You don’t actually need fur on the whole coat, just the sleeves, and really, you only need it for the winter.

Cuffin’ Season at and A Touch of Fur via Gucci at


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Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 1

  • Faux Fur
  • Matching thread & needle
  • Wide elastic for various sizes



DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 2

Decide how WIDE you’d like your cuffs to be, double it, add about an inch or so for seam allowance, then cut your faux fur accordingly.

I wanted mine somewhere between 4-5inches for this particular style, though in the past I made them much shorter {think white fur cuffs on Mrs. Claus or a Christmas Elf costume} I wanted these a bit larger based on current trends {see above}… So I cut my fur about 10-1/2 inches wide.

DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 3

Fold your fur in half, then hold it up to your wrist to decide how long to make them… and add an inch for seam allowance.

NOTE: if you want to wear them OVER jacket sleeves, make SURE to make them a bit large/loose so they will slide easily over your jacket sleeves. Mine are a BIT tight for my jacket, but still work alright. I wanted to make sure I could wear them with long sleeve dresses and sweaters as well.

DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 4

Once you get your sizing down, cut a second fur panel in the same size and FOLD WITH THE FUR ON THE INSIDE.

DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 5

With your back side up, line up your edges and hand-stitch your edges together tightly in matching thread.

DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 6

Once you have both done, flip them FUR SIDE OUT…

Then cut your elastic to fit your wrists… but smaller than the cuffs so that it fits snugly around your wrists, KEEPING your fur cuffs from sliding off your hands.

NOTE ABOUT ELASTIC: Again… if you want your cuffs to fit over the sleeves of a jacket, cut your elastic larger than your wrists, but make sure it still fits snugly enough to stay put

DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 7

Slide your elastic THROUGH your CUFFS and stitch the ends together.

DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 8

DO this to both cuffs…

DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 9


From the inside of the cuff, line up your already-sewn-up seams, LINE UP the edges of the cuff and then hand-stitch them together as far as you can from the inside out.

DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 10

Once you can’t stitch from the underside any longer, straighten your fur edges, then carefully hand-stitch the rest in plain sight… as you would finish a pillow seam, for lack of better words, hiding the stitches as well as possible.

DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 11

It will look something like this… close up your seam and knot your thread, then make sure the top seam is hidden somewhere in the center of the cuffs where you can’t see it… AND line up this side seam with the seam of your jacket OR if you don’t have a jacket seam, face your seams toward your body when you’re wearing them so they’re the least visible, though they shouldn’t look too bad if they turn.

DIY Faux Fur Cuffs 12

Your cuffs will look something like this.


And… Voila!

Fur cuffs

DIY Detachable Fur Cuffs for coats and jackets

Fur cuffs_long sleeves and jeans

Wear em with a sweater… wear em over your jacket… wear em however you like!

1 jacket with fur cuffs _ diy removable cuffs

camel coat with fur cuffs_diy cuffs

Have Fun!

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Stay tuned for more DIY Hacks for the 2015 Fall Fashion Trends!

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