DIY Pretty Lanvin Drop Pearl & Chain Necklace

DIY Lanvin pearl chain necklace Inspiration

I love this pretty chain, fabric, and pearl Lanvin Necklace but for $595 I thought I could definitely make my own! It comes in a few really pretty colors but I had a similar fabric in this nude-y fleshy tone that worked perfectly so I went with it. It’s not terribly difficult, but you will need a few jewelry-making skills/tricks to pull it off… but I’ll show you how!

I think my version is pretty close to the original and the best part is it was under $20! I had the pearls & fabric though. Still would have probably been about $20. I had to buy the jewelry supplies {about $3.99 each, and not the tools} and only used a few of each.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Lanvin Necklace - Chain, Pearl, Chiffon

* Silk, sheer, or nylon fabric, anything with a pretty drape {I used a vintage slip that had a layer of nylon/satin and a layer of sheer mesh}
* Flat oval links ox silver chain {Also found at JoAnn’s}
* Loose Faux pearls {mine were left over from the MJ Trim Challenge}
* Tarnished silver metal head pins
* Tarnished silver metal oval jump rings {comes w/3 sizes, I used the smallest}
* Tarnished silver metal lobster clsaps {or not. It’s a long chain, you don’t need a clasp}
* 3 different Beading pliers {5 pack, 8.99 – the exact ones I use, got mine from JoAnn’s}
* Scissors
* Wire cutters


DIY Lanvin Necklace

* Cut fabric strips. They don’t have to be perfect, but they do need to have smooth edges. Since I didn’t have a luxurious fabric like silk, I used sheer and opaque pieces together to add some texture & variation. I also used the sheer to create one long ribbon-like strip. You may choose whatever colors you like.


* Decide how long you want your chain. Using your pliers, pull apart a metal link to remove excess linkage. If the chain is long enough to fit over your head, you don’t need a clasp. If you want a shorter chain, slip the loop of the clasp onto the open chain link & pinch it shut. You won’t need the other part of the lobster clasp because you can use the actual chain.

DIY Chain Pearl Lanvin Necklace

* Weave your long ribbon-like piece through part of the chain and tie the ends in loose knots.

Creating Drop Pearls…

1 diy drop pearls

1. String a pearl on a head pin              
2. Bend the top w/round nose pliers

2 diy drop pearls

3. Snip the end off with wire cutters       
4. Close the wire with pliers creating a circle/loop.

Creating Drop Pearls with Fabric…

DIY Drop Pearls with Fabric -jewelry making

* String pearl on head pin, weave opaque fabric onto pin and push it down

Pearls and fabric necklace DIY

* …add sheer layer on top. {to some but not all} You need to weave the fabric so it cinches up over the pearl instead of lying completely over it


* Follow the steps above to finish {bend head pin, snip off excess, pinch into small loop/circle}

3-DIY pearl necklace -jewelry making

* Using a jump ring, add a single loose pearl to the top {circle/loop you just created} and pinch closed. Leave some as single pearls, some as one pearl with fabric, and some with fabric and two pearls.

Pretty Chain Pearl Fabric Necklace by Lanvin DIY

* Using the jump rings, attach your pearls to your chain. Follow the design in this tutorial {of the Lanvin piece} or create your very own!

Pretty Chain Pearl Fabric Necklace by Lanvin DIY


And… Voila!

DIY Lanvin Chain and Pearl Necklace

DIY Chain Pearl Necklace

* I made some earrings too with a little chain, earring hooks, and the same pearl/fabric technique!

diy lanvin earrings

pretty diy lanvin necklace

Have Fun!

* Find all my DIYs here

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    as usual… your diy is awesome… I think I’ll try something similar…
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    That´s a great idea! It looks great for spring. I hope more ideas are coming!

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    That’s a great idea, your necklace looks better than the Lanvin one actually!

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    Awesome. They have a lot of nerve charging $595.00 for that.

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    love it, if only I could make it instead of buying these simple jewelry.

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    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the necklace but omg… those earrings are TO DIE FOR… beautiful! So talented 🙂

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    Fantastic DIY
    Am thinking I am going to have to give this a try!
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    um, you made this for me, right? YOU DID. GIVE IT TO ME ON THURSDAY. hurry!

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    OMG ANON!!!! That shoe necklace is to die. I’d have to really be on the hunt for some Barbie shoes! I love it!

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    Ahhh you are amazing! Great necklace and I love the title “Maeg-it” – perfect.

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    K that is some seriously beautiful diy!! Bravo! Really you could sell that stuff.

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