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How To Turn a T-shirt into a Tank Top & Create DIY Snakeskin Print

Sharpie DIY-printed tank top

The people from Sharpie so kindly sent me their newest invention, the Sharpie Stained Fabric Marker and asked that I create something with it. I thought instead of drawing a picture of something specific, I would try to create a print using a stencil. Lace came to mind and when I did a test run with some leftover vintage lace from my ballet skirt DIY, I got a bit of a snakeskin print from it and was thrilled. I used the lace to create a repeating snakeskin grid across the entire tank. Here’s how…


Sharpie DIY-printed tank top-materials

* White t-shirt
* A favorite tank top
* Lace
* Sharpie Stained Fabric Marker{they have no scent at all, unlike regular Sharpies and have a great long, paintbrush type tip.
* Scissors
* A paper bag or cardboard


Sharpie DIY-printed tank top-1 Sharpie DIY-printed tank top-2

* Slide a paper bag or large piece of cardboard in between your shirt {so your markings stay on one side only}. Lay your tank on top of your t-shirt and carefully draw around it.

Sharpie DIY-printed tank top-3

* Flip it over and do the same on the back.

Sharpie DIY-printed tank top-4

* Carefully follow your pattern on each side and cut out your tank top. Slide your cardboard back through your new tank.

Sharpie DIY-printed tank top-5

* Lay your lace on top of your tank and hold it taught. Using the SIDE of your Sharpie Stained Fabric Marker with a light hand {unless you want your print dark} gently draw/paint/mark your print through the lace.

Sharpie DIY-printed tank top-6

* It should look something like this. *Your print will depend on the shape of your lace.

Sharpie DIY-printed tank top-7

* Move your lace pattern around your shirt, carefully lining it up with your last print to repeat the design. Some areas I made darker than others for a gradient effect.

Sharpie DIY-printed tank top-8

* For a pop of color over the gray/black print I created, I used the yellow Stained Sharpie {which is neon in reality} free-hand dotting over and throughout my new snakeskin print.


t-shirt DIY printed tank  top with a stained sharpie

DIY -printed tank top  with a stained sharpie

Have Fun!

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