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DIY Cut Out T-shirt // Cute & Sporty Asymmetrical Top

cut out t shirt diy-gray and black

Sometimes just a little extra detail makes all the difference. I’ve been cutting up t-shirts since I was a kid {as many of you probably have too} but never quite like this. Mine frequently are of the slashed variety, like my open back t-shirt diy, but around the neckline and sleeves –which I mastered that in the late ’90s… but I liked the idea of a little more geometrical cut and thought one side rather than two was a little more interesting… but if you like symmetry, feel free to cut up both sides equally.

I’m sure in the land of cut out t-shirt DIYs, this has been done in the history of time, but since I hadn’t seen it or done it, and I wanted a shirt with a little cut out side, this is what I made, and below, you can learn how-to – too.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Cut Out T-shirt- 1

* Fitted t-shirt with some stretch {though it would be cute on an oversized tee as well}
* Soft/flexible tape measure
* Pen {not a Sharpie or marker that will bleed through}
* Scissors

Here’s How I Did It…

DIY Cut Out T-shirt-2

* Turn your t-shirt inside out and lay it completely flat. Match up the side seam as smoothly as possible.

* Using your measuring tape as your stencil, hold it evenly horizontal about 1-1/4″ in from the seam and trace it with your pen.

DIY Cut Out T-shirt-3

* If you want a bit of your bra to show through, cut your first hole as high as you like. If you DON’T WANT your bra to show, measure the space between your armpit and the bottom of your bra and begin there.

* I created five cuts, spaced about 1-1/2″ apart and made each cut exactly the same length {1-1/4″ from the seam}. You may vary yours if you like.

DIY Cut Out T-shirt-4

* Carefully cut each rectangle out with your scissors and when you turn your shirt right side out and put it on, the 1-1/4″ cut becomes a 2-1/2″ cut out across your ribs and side.

DIY Cut Out T-shirt-5

* NOTE : you can wear an undershirt for a color blocking effect OR a lace top so that instead of just a bit of lace bra, you get lace all the way down. You can also stitch in some trim if you like.

And… Voila!

side cut out t-shirt diy

diy cut out side shirt

t-shirt diy- cut out side

Even though these are mostly side shots to demonstrate the project {which hopefully explains the arm lifting as well ;)}, I love that from the front, the cuts aren’t really that noticeable, it’s very subtle and sporty. See my full Sporty Outfit Post here

Have Fun!

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