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DIY Copper Wordsmith Ornaments & Rosemary Wreaths

Handmade gifts add that touch of extra effort that makes everything merrier, don’t you think? I love making handmade ornaments as gift add-ons for the holidays.

Every year when I was young, my mom and I would make ornaments to give to our family and friends and I love keeping the tradition alive. They’re the perfect way to upgrade gift wrapping to make it extra special or to include as part of a gorgeous bottle of Ecco Domani Wine as a hostess gift that friends and family can use on their tree or to decorate their home with, or even pass on with another gift. Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio is the perfect choice for its floral and citrus blend, great for an upgrade to any occasion.

For this DIY I was inspired by these cute wordsmith ornaments in whimsical holiday sayings. Using copper wire to create them in a rose gold look is super simple and so festive as well. The best part is that they don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

What’s so great is that you can use these cute wordsmith ornaments anywhere. Hanging on a Christmas tree is just the start, they’re perfect to top gift wrapping with, hang on a wall, include in a stocking; their uses are endless and they’re really so simple to make.

The rosemary wreaths dry out in a few days, but you can also use them in your kitchen while they’re still fresh. They also work as great napkin holders or place cards on a holiday tablescape and smell divine!

This holiday season, I’ve already gifted a bottle of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio Wine with one of these Rosemary wreaths hung from the bottle and it was a hit!

How to make Copper Wire Wordsmith Ornaments…

Here’s what you need…
* Copper wire {not too thin} I used 16 Gauge
* Beading pliers
* Wire cutter
* Rope or string

Carefully begin bending your wire in the letter shapes you want. I found that Joy, Merry, and Love were the easiest letters to create without mangling the wire. The “p’s” in “happy” were a little difficult.

Cut your wire when finished with each word.

Tie your rope around the letters on the end or at the top of one, depending on how you want them to hang.


How to make Rosemary Wreaths…

Here’s what you need…
* Rosemary sprigs
* Copper wire {not too thin} I used 16 Gauge
* Wire cutter
* Rope or string

Cut a few sprigs of Rosemary between 6-12 inches long, depending on the size of wreaths you want to create.

Cut two inch sections of copper wire and have them ready to go.

Bend your Rosemary sprigs into circles, overlapping the ends about an inch.

Wrap your copper wire around the Rosemary to hold your wreaths in place.

Cut a piece of rope or ribbon about 12″ long and loop it in half.

Tie a knot about two inches from the top, and with the remaining rope, cover the copper wire by wrapping it around your wreaths in two directions and finish with a cute bow.


And… Gift Giving Made Easy!


Stay tuned for an amazing Instagram giveaway I’m hosting with Ecco Domani next week as well as an Instagram takeover, with more cute uses for these simple wordsmith ornaments and rosemary wreaths!

* This post was created for Ecco Domani Wine.

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