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DIY Lace Jean Shorts // Vintage Lace Embroidered Denim Cut-Offs

diy lace embroidered cut off jean shorts

Vintage {inspired} lace cut offs are an adorable bohemian summer fave, and there are tons of cute options to buy as well as a few fun DIYs to inspire, but I wanted to create my own that were just a little bit different from everything I’d seen and make them a bit longer as well.

Rather than using the entire section of lace to cover the back pocket or front panel of my shorts, I cut out the floral designs from the lace and hand-stitched them in place and I love the look. This is a fun and easy DIY especially if you have a favorite pair of jean shorts that fit like a glove. With my favorite hand-stitching technique, you can also remove the lace when you decide you don’t want it anymore.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Lace embroidered jean shorts

* Cut off jean shorts
* Thick, crocheted lace {I used the same lace I used for my DIY Romantic Lace Sleeve Tank} Dishy Vintage has a nice variety like this Wide Lace Trim but you can also find lace trim in thrift stores and even on the edges of old tablecloths and dish towels.
* Scissors & pins
* Matching thread & needle

DIY Lace embroidered jean shorts-1

First, if you don’t have a pair of shorts, this is an easy way to cut a pair from an old pair of jeans. Fold jeans in half, perfectly seaming up the crotch and legs. Lay flat on a hard surface, and carefully cut as straight a line as possible. Begin longer, so that you can shorten if necessary. Try them on and mark one side where you want them to hit and repeat the step above. {I wanted a little cuff on mine so I left them this length – they will fray perfectly over time with wear, but if you want to fray them now, watch this video}

DIY Lace embroidered jean shorts-2

* Carefully cut out the floral lace designs you’d like to use from your lace.

DIY Lace embroidered jean shorts-3

* Place and pin your lace cut-outs to your jeans where you’d like them to lay

DIY Lace embroidered jean shorts-4

* Carefully hand-stitch your lace to your shorts, making sure not to stitch through the pocket underneath {or you won’t be able to use them anymore ;}. I found that hem-stitching around the edges was the best way to go about this, though some areas I just stitched right through the center of it. It takes a bit of time and patience, but it’s not too difficult.


And… Voila!

diy lace embroidered cut off jean shorts

DIY Lace Jean Shorts front

cut offs with lace -lace jean shorts-back pockets

DIY Lace Jean Shorts back

diy lace jean shorts -cut offs-embroidered vintage lace levis

lace embroidered vintage jean shorts levis

Have Fun!

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