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sun and sail on the lake

I love living here… It’s so beautiful… I took this on our walk home from the Farmer’s Market on Friday evening.

sleepy frenchie pups

Friday siestas on the couch… the couch that is now littered with blankets to protect it from these two.

tall cedar tree and the sun

We had the largest tree on our property cut down on Friday because a few years ago, it split in a storm and caused a ton of destruction to the neighborhood. It’s health hasn’t been the same {if you can tell, the branches and pines are only growing on one side} and we worry every time a storm comes {or even if it gets a little too windy} that it may split and fall completely, so sadly, we decided to have it chopped down. It’s a weird feeling seeing the empty spot where it stood. I don’t like destroying things, but it was best for it probably. We’ll get to use it for firewood in the winter… but it still makes me a little emotional thinking about it. {is that crazy? it’s a tree!}

If you look closely, you can see the brave {and crazy} man, with a running chain saw dangling between his legs, mid-way up the tree, cutting branches off as his scooted higher and higher up the tree, which slid down a rope to workers on the ground, 100 feet below. It was crazy to watch really. He said once he was at the top and all the branches were off, it got a bit windy and he was admittedly a bit scared. He assured us that the trunk could have split at any time.

floral and leather

Last week’s outfit: Floral Jeans and Leather Accessories

pug and frenchie pups

All my squishy faced dogs in the morning sun.

huge top knot-sunglasses

This rare selfie was in the car before getting my hair done… I’ve been wearing it in huge top knots, which are admittedly cute and so comfortable – though I still cringe at word top knot, this definitely is not a bun. I tend to only wear it like this when my roots are grown out and I need to get it done, but I had a few requests on Instagram for a tutorial… Thoughts?

tiny puppies

Throwback Thursday to just a few months ago when Trevor and Randy were still so tiny. I mean, they’re still pretty small, but it feels like forever ago already that they were just itty bitty handfuls of puppy. 🙁

diy open back button down shirt
DIY Open Back Button Down Coverup for summer

Just Randy… nothin’ left to do but dance {press play}

dirty dancing movie

My birthday was last Sunday and the first matter of birthday business was to watch Dirty Dancing {my favorite} for all day feel-goodness, and it worked. Man I love that movie. Man I’m not sure I love being 38.

texifornia salad

Birthday lunch was my favorite salad from an amazing restaurant in Blue Jay called Texifornia. If you haven’t tried it yet, you most definitely should.

hermes herbag

And a few birthday gifts: Vintage Hermes Herbag found at Bag Borrow or Steal {buy section} | Books: Thrive & The Body Book | 3.1 Phillip Lim round sunglasses – which I ADORE but sent back because they were a bit crooked. I’d like to get a new pair though because they’re really cute on | tiny mala bead necklace, which I’ve been wearing daily | Essential Oils

sleeping with frenchie pups

Lazy Sunday morning, cuddling with these sleepy puppies

Happy Weekend Lovecats!

* Hope you’re having a lovely one.


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