DIY Pretty Blue Marbled Pumpkins

pretty blue and white DIY marbled pumpkins for halloween decor

I resisted posting all day yesterday because I wanted to start off the month with something festive, yet I wouldn’t really allow my mind to go into create-mode (do you know the feeling?)

So I stalled all day long and continued procrastinating (by keeping very busy doing a million other things)…

But I’ve vowed to be more consistent here again and my urge to go back to NOT being consistent today was STRONG…

And so I finally just stopped allowing myself the excuses and forced myself into my office to get to work.

It just so happened to be 3am when I finally made it in here…

And so now it’s technically Tuesday…

blue indigo marbled pumpkins diy with nail polish

But in searching for a little festive holiday inspiration, I stumbled upon these beautiful indigo marbled pumpkins and immediately wanted to try it for myself!

And then I realized I didn’t have any pumpkins (even though I was out today and actually thought about picking up pumpkins for Dogwood – and talked myself out of it)… and then I realized that everything is closed and so I’d have to wait until tomorrow (or later today) to get the pumpkins and so I decided to just share this beautiful and simple DIY until I could recreate it on my own.

Find the DIY and Steps to make your own DIY Marbled Pumpkins here… it’s super simple, I can’t WAIT to try it!

blue indigo marbled pumpkins diy

And so at least I did it. I am here, in this space, not running away from it…

I didn’t get a Monday post up or a Monday Motivation up, but I did indeed motivate myself to push past the excuses and get my work done, which is all the motivation I can offer at the moment…

Just do it. Stop allowing the excuses to NOT do it win. Just get up and do it… even if it is 3 in the morning 😉

Hope you had a nice Monday and Happy October!

* Find all my Halloween DIY Decor here

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