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DIY Spooky Ghost Nails Halloween Manicure

spooky ghost nails halloween

I thought I’d do one more Halloween manicure, for the actual day {TODAY!} Since I’m not sure I’ll be dressing up in costume, I wanted to have a little spooky spirit anyway. And nail art is the easiest way to keep the spirit and holiday festive feeling while being totally lazy on every other level, right?

So I came up with these spooky ghosts kind of by accident. My original thought was that just of ghosts, but when I decided to use a Sharpie instead of black nail polish and then it ran and went from cute to ghoulish with a brushstroke I LOVED THE RESULT! So here’s how I did it…

Here’s What You’ll Need…

Ghost Nails-Halloween Manicure-1

* White Nail Polish
* Matte top coat {I used Essie Matte About You}
* Fine black Sharpie marker



Ghost Nails-Halloween Manicure-2

* Give yourself a two-coat white manicure.

Ghost Nails-Halloween Manicure-3

* Using your Sharpie marker, draw on ghostly eyes and an open mouth to one nail at a time.

NOTE: I didn’t wait until my nails were quite dry to do this step, so I ended up dotting the design more than drawing, but I liked the way it turned out so I continued this way. If you wait until your two coats are dry, you can actually just draw on your eyes and mouth easily.

Ghost Nails-Halloween Manicure-4

* While your marker face is still wet, apply a coat of your Matte Finisher and make sure you drag it over the face to create the shadowed look. Some worked on the first stroke and some took three.

Notice that when you apply your marker, it is black, but the matte top coat makes it purple.

Apply a second coat of Matte finisher and call it a day OR if you’d prefer them glossy, add your favorite gloss top coat {but the matte looks really great in person!}



spooky ghost halloween nails nail art

They’re difficult to photograph, especially far away… a bit streakier in person with no magenta {only deep purple} as the photo may show.

spooky ghoul ghost nail art

Have a Fun, Safe, & Happy Halloween!

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