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Dupioni Silk Ribbon RosesNecklace, Belt, or in your Hair DIY

Silk Flower Necklace DIY -on leopard print


Silk Flower Necklace DIY -Materials

Silk Flower Necklace DIY -1

Silk Flower Necklace DIY -2

Silk Flower Necklace DIY -3

Silk Flower Necklace DIY -4

Silk Flower Necklace DIY -5

Silk Flower Necklace DIY -6

Silk Flower Necklace DIY -7

Silk Flower Necklace DIY -8

* 2″ Dupioni Silk Ribbon in Amour & Cameo
– about 3 yards each {they have more colors to choose from}
* Loose faux pearls
* Gutermann Thread in Petal Pink & Eggshell …Needle/Scissors {for all projects}

1. With the silk ribbon, create two large flowers {by twisting/bunching/stitching together} in the darker shade & about 5 small flowers in the light beige
2-3. With the remaining darker silk ribbon, create a dishevelled accordion look by pinching and stitching loosely through it. Leave it looser on one side so you can move it around and tighter on the other …creating two distinct looks. Lay in U shape
4. Place flowers on accordion base to liking
5. Hand-stitch flowers in place
6. With remaining light beige silk ribbon {about 44″} cut in half
7. Fold in half and over and stitch to ends of accordion base securely
8. On one side only, fold ribbon, run needle through it, place loose pearl then fold ribbon again and push through and repeat. I used 4 loose pearls. I did this to one side only. You can to both or neither if you like.

Silk Flower Necklace DIY -TOP   Silk Flower Necklace DIY -BACK

Silk Flower Necklace DIY -FRONT  Silk Flower Necklace DIY -SIDE

Tie it in big bow or knot around your neck and wear it over a simple white t-shirt, jeans & a pair of fabulous shoes. Or, wear it as waist belt over your favorite dress as seen below …

leyendecker dress+rose DIY necklace as belt+braids in hair-3-1

…or even, if you’re daring, wear it in your hair 😉 Have Fun!

rose necklace diy headband


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  1. Louise says:

    I think the last photo (of it in your hair) is sooo beautiful …… you look like you belong in A Midsummers Night Dream or some other enchanted, whimsical place! Great DIY, but then your’s are always amazing. Speaking of which, a month or so ago I picked up a copy of Australian CLEO in a local shop (I live in New Zealand) and literally squealed out loud when I saw you featured in it!! I was going to offer to send it to you when I saw your post about it, but unfortunately Abyssinian cat had got her claws into the magazine and literally ruined it (oh the joys of having such an athletic feline!)Love, love, love your blog btw … I have been a lurker for almost a year but just wanted to say I think you are AMAZING 🙂

  2. Oh my. What a stunning piece! I’m hopeless with a needle though 🙁

  3. nice..i love it as a belt

  4. You have such patience. So pretty!!

  5. Erica says:

    I love your blonde hair, I’m assuming you get it highlighted. I used to have blonde highlights in my hair, but they grew out and I wanted to just go back to my natural hair color and I want blonde highlights again, I think yours are beautiful. I was wondering if you could tell me what you ask for as far as color goes? I really don’t want my highlights looking yellow/orange/or red… I want them to look ilke yours.

    So if you wouldn’t mind, could you tell me what you ask for?

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  6. I LOVE the headband idea, I would totally wear it that way! It looks so pretty, and I think those colors would make a great contrast against my super black hair 🙂

    Thank you for your DIY tutorials, they are always awesome.
    I also loved your messy rope braids tutorial, I am totally going to try it even though my hair isn’t as long as yours.

  7. As always, love the DIYs.

  8. I loved your DIY and you always look so pretty with them…

  9. This is so pretty. I love it as a headband!

    Thanks for sharing. Certainly making it!

  10. Anonymous says:

    LOVE THE HEADBAND!! You, for sure, belong on a magazine cover! Have a great sunny weekend.

  11. Thanks for the DIY!! I will definitely be doing this <3

    Now following you (twitter and bloglovin) 🙂

  12. pretty! you’re so talented. i’m really in love with rosettes right now.

  13. Amazing. So awesome they invited you to participate in this DIY ‘contest’.

    Love what you made and thnx for showing us how – awesome.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  14. You look so bright and pretty. I would go mad if I have sew all those roses….. : ) very snazzy.

  15. It is awesome!

  16. Uau! Que lindo! Ficou muito meigo, me apaixonei! haha
    Logo, logo vou fazer o meu!
    Eu amo seus DIY!

    Uau! Amazing! Very pretty, i’m in love! haha
    Soon i’ll make one for me!
    I love yours DIY!


  17. O love your DIYs this one is really awesome and effects is soo cute ! love love xxxx

  18. I’m a non-sewer but it looks like even I could handle this…..

    Thanks for hharing all your beautiful creative endeavors!

  19. What a great DIY! It looks so lovely and awesome. =)

  20. Wow, this is so amazing and pretty! <3

  21. WOW!!!! This is stunning! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  22. wow i love this! darling. and i totally would wear it as a headband. you look super cute wearing it as a belt, though. thanks for sharing!

    i just stumbled upon your blog and i am loving it. check out mine if ya feel like it!


  23. Beautiful necklace, good work 🙂



  24. Maegan! I thought this was such an awesome DIY I tried it for myself.. but tweaked it. Yours came out fabulous! If you get a chance, you can check mine out.. and of course I credited your for the DIY.. you are awesome. Happy Sunday.

    xx Love & Aloha

  25. Very beautiful

  26. I love it Maegan! Thanks so much for the gorgeous project, I’ll be linking.

  27. WOW! i love it!

  28. Gorgeous fabric and great design! You are so creative. I love how versatile the piece can be!

  29. Oooh I LOVE it on that dress! Adorable

  30. Definitely amazing as all three versions, but geez as a head piece, I died….

  31. Love what you did with the challenge. You avoided the cutesy route and went for something that a hip person would wear. It looks downright couture.

  32. The belt is BY FAR my favourite!!!
    I love your tutorials, it makes me feel like I can just grab a needle and thread and make magic just like you!!
    Keep making magic 🙂

  33. I’m going to have to feature this on my website… the second of your DIY’s I’ll have featured.

    Would you be okay with that? I will link back all photo credits and everything back to you.

    Hit me back and let me know!

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  34. Great! Love the DIY!


  35. Love this headband–so crafty!
    Would love for you to link up to my Headband Link party over at Little Miss Momma! Here’s the link:

  36. Anonymous says:

    I love this piece… will be doing this as soon as I get as pretty ribbons as you have here.

  37. I love it especially when it is used as head dress. Perfect!

  38. This is so pretty. I love it as a headband!

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