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DIY-ish // Fun Printable Coloring Art Prints – Digital Downloads

printable download coloring pages with positive messages love and hope

Lovecats! It’s a crazy time… How are you holding up?

I hope you and your families are healthy and safe at home and even though this quarantine is probably making us all a little (or a LOT) stir crazy, at least we are protecting ourselves and our communities by staying home and staying well.

It took me a few weeks to finally allow my brain to do something other than stare at all the facts an figures and news about the virus and then PANIC and FREAK OUT and then spend the remainder of the day calming myself down or distracting via Netflix, and eventually I had to just stop because well, it wasn’t helping anyone. I give myself a little time each day to look at all the most recent findings and horrific statistics, and then I force myself to get on with my day and get creative in some way in order to mentally survive all of this.

love and flowers coloring page digital art print

I’ve been baking a little and cleaning a LOT and walking and dance-bouncing on my trampoline and meditating and I even did a DIY last week… and then a few nights ago (or mornings, since I can’t really sleep at all lately) I had this idea that has kept me busy ever since, and for that I am overflowing with gratitude.

I have a few really beautiful adult coloring books, but for some reason I put a lot of pressure on myself to make them perfect, which means I rarely actually color in them. I spend more time flipping through the pretty illustrations searching for the perfect page to color than I do actually coloring.

So I thought what if I could just make a little coloring art fun that wasn’t TOO detailed (because also, some are SO DETAILED, it’s overwhelming!) and print them out on a single sheet of paper that I could have fun coloring while focusing my brain in creative areas? …and then I thought what if I could I make them available for you to enjoy too!

So I got to work on my computer and created a handful of fun digital art prints with quarantine-inspired phrases and sayings and fun/pretty backgrounds to color in.

I think ultimately we all want to be assured that we are safe right now and so I thought hope and love were the best two words to kind of describe that. The floral backgrounds are soft and soothing, especially on the LOVE print, which has larger coloring sections than the HOPE is Blooming print. But both are fun SOOOO, if you have a printer and some colored pencils or markers or crayons or paint or whatever you can create color with, take a look at my Etsy Shop if you are bored and want to give your brain a break with some meditative, creative, healthy coloring fun 🙂

I’ve got eight prints available now, all letter-sized, seven of them are $1 each and one is $2.50. Once you order them, they appear in your email and you can print out as many as you like.

don't stand so close to me coloring page for quarantine ideas

The leafy print above has become my favorite… in the way that each new one I create becomes my new favorite, but I love the phrase for obvious social distancing reasons, and I also love the leafy print I created behind it and the Police reference, because, duh. It’s really fun to color and I also think it would look really cute in a chunky black frame and hung on the wall, so I’ll leave that little extra inspo right there in case you want to do something with it 🙂

I enjoy and like to use these colored pencils best because you can overlap them and create various contrasting textures and make new colors as well. They’re also way more forgiving than markers if you go out of the lines. But sometimes I use markers too.

Find each coloring print in my Etsy Shop by clicking the links below…

* Don’t Stand So Close To Me Palm Leaf Digital Art Coloring Page $2.50

* HOPE is Blooming Coloring Page $1

* LOVE Coloring Page $1

hope is blooming printable coloring page

love and flowers coloring page digital art print

Check out my loveMaegan Etsy shop for all 8 prints & future releases!

And Have Fun!

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