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How-To Make a No-Sew DIY Face Mask Using Bandana & Hair Elastics

Simple DIY No-Sew Bandana Face Mask to protect from Coronavirus

Today THE US Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that citizens should wear non-medical cloth masks when out in public to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Previously, the CDC had suggested that only those with Covid-19 symptoms wear masks but now they’re recommending that even those who aren’t feeling sick should still wear a mask.

In my house, we happened to have two N95 masks left over from Dogwood renovation/construction days (one for each of us) that we just keep re-wearing when we go out. Yes they are medical grade, no, we technically didn’t need them but it’s just all we had. I dabbled in DIY bra masks (as a joke) on my IG stories, but this bandana mask is a real option I now have!

Since March 12th, I have only left the house (to go out in public, not counting nature walks) 3 times (about once a week I think) to go to the post office, market, bank, vet and that’s about it and I’m usually in and out! I’m pretty quick at running my errands (even before this whole pandemic I was efficient and quick because I hate doing that kind of stuff), but I wear a mask and gloves when I go. People are still a little up in arms about all of this but I say I’d rather look like a freak in a mask and gloves than become a statistic or spread the virus unknowingly.

Lately they’ve mentioned that bandanas are a good choice to use to cover our faces because of the tightly woven cotton (breathable but also keep out particles) and the fact that most people probably have a bandana or two lying around the house they can use. I have at least 5, if not more… HOWEVER, If you do NOT have a bandana, you can use an old cotton sheet or pillowcase and cut it into a 21″ x 21″ square and make this work exactly the same way.

NOW… one might ask: Well, why can’t I just tie a bandana around my face? And one might answer: YOU CAN. However, this simple no-sew face mask is MUCH more secure, won’t slip down AND offers 3 MORE layers of protection than the measly two you get by folding it into a triangle and tying it around your head, which means EXTRA PROTECTION FROM DROPLETS AND PARTICLES. On top of ALL OF THAT, this DIY is super simple and if you have two skinny hair elastics or rubber bands lying around, you’ve got all you need to make your own no-sew face mask to protect YOU!

BUT… Before I get to these simple steps, I have to say that I saw Kate Hudson do a quick Instagram video today on how to do this, so you may have seen this, but I wanted to try it out for myself and share with anyone who maybe doesn’t follow her or even pay attention to instagram at all.

For those who want to see it, I’ve saved the video on my instagram stories highlights “FACE MASKS” so you can reference it if you want to or just go to Kate’s Instagram account… One thing I noticed, she’s using rubber bands that are too thick, that’s why it won’t stay on her ears… it’s not her “big ears” as she says, lol.

What You’ll Need…

* Bandana or square piece of tightly woven cotton 21″ x 21″
* Two skinny hair elastics or rubber bands


No-Sew DIY Bandana Face Mask to protect from Coronavirus

1. Open your bandana up and lay it out on a flat surface

2. Fold each (2) sides inward until the ends meet, overlapping just a little bit.

3. Fold each side inward AGAIN, overlapping just a little bit.

NOTE: Hold it up to your face to make sure it covers the top/middle of your nose all the way down to the bottom of your chin!

4. Slip one hair elastic over each end of your long rectangular fabric and slide down about 5″ or so.

5. Fold ends inward, over the elastics and overlap them to secure in place.

NOTE: If your bandana or cotton is flimsy, you may want to put a quick stitch to hold your ends together in the center because they tend to escape a little bit out of the top and bottom unless the fabric is really stiff.

6. Hold your mask at the center and up to your mouth and nose then slip the elastics over your ears so it fits snugly. Adjust until it covers all areas and has little to no gaps around the edges.

Simply take your mask apart and toss your bandana in the HOT wash after each wear!


* You can use almost any fabric to make a face mask that is breathable.

* Insert a paper towel, blue paper towel or coffee filter between the layers for extra filtration

And… Voila! It’s THAT Simple!

No-Sew DIY Bandana Face Mask to protect from Coronavirus

No-Sew DIY Bandana Face Mask to protect from Coronavirus

* My bandana was wrinkled from being folded more tightly and worn as a neck scarf, mind the creases 🙂

No-Sew DIY Bandana Face Mask to protect from Coronavirus

Stay Home, Stay Well!

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