Quarantine Style

Counting Days… Counting Days

cute quarantine outfit - cozy loungewear to stay at home sweats

What I’m Wearing…

* Red open shoulder sweatshirt with ruffles by Style Mafia – from a few years ago when everything was open-shoulder – also seen here in the snow with jeans and heels (a rare sight anymore)
* Grey joggers – old from Victoria’s Secret (their lounge section used to be my fave (and they last forever!) I’ve been buying stay at home loungewear for a decade lol but they don’t have what they used to) I’ve linked to a bunch of similar styles below. They’re easy to find now in all price points.
* The Book Club Blue Light glasses – LOVE! Honestly, I want every pair.
* Leopard print Puma sneakers gifted from Zulily

* Title: Lewis Capaldi – Bruises There must be something in the water

cute quarantine outfit - cozy loungewear to stay at home sweats

Quarantine Day… 5,000,011

Or at least that’s what it feels like… how about you?

I think we can all agree that life is crazy right now. We’re all confused, doing our best, trying to make sense of all of this insanity and while the thought of staying home was a comforting vision a few months ago, especially for introverts, it has now become a jail of sorts and a place we can’t escape, even if we want to.

When we must go out for food or essentials, we’re scared and anxious we’ll catch something and suiting up with masks and gloves and protective gear seems silly yet necessary amidst the anxious terror, even if we happen to think the media is blowing it out of proportion and we are being lied to and the fact that we are not sure what the truth is has created about 5 million conspiracy theories around the entire thing. And while I’m typically HERE for a good theory, what I’m mostly HERE for is the truth, and I think it’s sad that we don’t have even one reliable source that we can count on.

I have been watching literally everything that’s out there, the newer the better. But as soon as I think I can trust one source, another source reveals that nothing about anything is real. This does not stop me though. I’m a person who questions everything and I’m not about to stop now and you shouldn’t either.

The people that boggle me though are the ones completely convinced their belief is true, telling everyone to WAKE UP SHEEPLE, when there is little to no proof or evidence of such claims. And still, even if we are “WOKE” like all these BRILLIANT people are telling us to be on social media (ahem, facebook), what are we supposed to do about it? And what do they think THEY’RE DOING ABOUT IT by telling everyone to wake up?!? It’s pointless. We are in a position where we can do very little… but informing ourselves on all sides and theories and speculations is probably our best bet at coming close to what could maybe possibly be the truth… for now anyway, until it’s all debunked in a few days or months by some new unreliable source.

A few things I do think are true… China has NOT been transparent about this whole thing from the beginning and is not reporting their actual cases and number. I don’t know what else they’re hiding or why, but I do know that we’re not being told the truth. This documentary is pretty good, but again, take everything with a grain of salt these days. I also believe, based on Dr. Gundry’s reports, that it’s very unlikely a vaccine can be made for this virus since it mutates so quickly (like the common cold and flu we fight each year) and so the vaccine fight that Bill Gates is pushing, might be a bunch of BS too.. which has me a bit saddened since, until recently, I really thought Gates was one of the “good ones”. What I find most insane is that not much has changed in the way we are handling this pandemic since the Spanish Flu in 1918, over 100 years later.

The other conspiracies, which include but are not limited to, the coronavirus being linked to… the 5G rollout, the Pizzagate scandal, bioterrorism, government control via forced vaccines/tracking devices, would all be negated if we just were told the truth. Sure, they’d still exist, but what would life be if we actually could trust what we were told?

I DO know this… I miss my mom and stepdad. I miss my friends. I miss being able to come and go when I please. I miss my normal human rights (albeit my privileged “normal” human life). I even miss Dogwood (we’ve been closed since March 17th, and opened two weeks ago for part-time take out, which obviously pales in comparison to normal sales. We are making very little revenue, no income, have one employee still working with us and haven’t paid rent for April – in case you’re wondering how small businesses and small business owners are doing (I own two small businesses), it’s not well). I miss not worrying, and not having to wear a mask. I miss not having to wipe my groceries down before I bring them in the house. I miss my dirty house because I’m cleaning so frequently. I miss sleeping. I miss not having to ask the people I live with if they’ve washed their hands or if they wore their mask out or how many people did they see today and DID THEY STAY AT LEAST 6 FEET AWAY? I miss not worrying about the kids’ germs (well, to be honest, I always worried about their germs because KIDS, you know) but I miss not worrying about where they’ve been the prior week when they weren’t with us and not being able to be close to them because GERMS and BOOGERS and WASH YOUR HANDS and SNEEZE INTO YOUR ELBOW and DON’T TOUCH THAT and GO WASH YOUR HANDS AGAIN.

Like you, I miss my “normal” life… our new normal has much less freedom. I miss my freedom.

If I look at the bright side of all of this, I’m blinded… it’s there, but the sun is too bright to see it yet. I’m blinded by the light. I’m trying to stay productive, creative, busy with little projects like making fun coloring sheets. We’ve gotten all the home projects we’ve been putting off forever done, like wallpapering the guest bathroom (which I’ll share soon, but you’ve seen if you follow my stories on Instagram) and doing a few DIYs (also working on a new DIY juju hat for said bathroom makeover and all its pest problems (yikes! gross!), which is also on Instagram) and making masks out of everything, doing 80s dance workouts on my trampoline (because dancing on the trampoline AND jumping is a better/harder workout – just saying) and it’s funny and fun… and as long as I can distract myself, I’m good. I almost forget the hell that is our reality when I don’t think about it. Distraction is necessary right now, but it’s hard to stay focused… Eating more and dinking more (cheers to wine every night!) and also Easter candy and not being as active as usual and all the weight gain… BECAUSE ALL THE EATING… and sure, it’s only a few lbs NOW, but it adds to the frustration of the situation.

In a while, this will all be normal and we will remember the “good ol’ days” in a whole new perspective. I wonder how long it will take? I wonder how we’ll recover from all of this? I wonder what the future will hold? I wonder all the things. I’m sure you are too.

At least we’re comfortably clothed though and the power is on and the heater is keeping the house warm through our nearly-spring-snow-storms we’ve had in the last few weeks. At least we actually have so much to be grateful for…

I haven’t worn jeans or makeup in over a month. So there’s a little silver lining I suppose, because with all this snacking, I’m not sure they’ll even fit anymore 🙂

cute quarantine outfit - cozy loungewear to stay at home sweats

cute quarantine outfit - cozy loungewear to stay at home sweats

french bulldogs french bulldogs

Even the dogs are bored…

cute quarantine outfit - cozy loungewear to stay at home sweats

cute quarantine outfit - cozy loungewear to stay at home sweats

cute quarantine outfit - cozy loungewear to stay at home sweats

cute quarantine outfit - cozy loungewear to stay at home sweats

Happy Quarantine Day 5million, Lovecats!

Hope you had a nice Easter, in spite of all the insanity!

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