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7 CUTE Food Costumes TO-DIY For Halloween by Studio DIY

7 Cute DIY Food Costumes for Halloween

I never think of being “things” for Halloween, or better yet, food… my mind always goes to people or characters, but no matter what, I ALWAYS think of DIY Halloween Costumes so when I spotted Studio DIYs adorable food costumes in her DIY Halloween Costumes archive while featuring her Fallin’ for Baby Pastel Pumpkin Baby Shower decorating idea the other day, I couldn’t help but round up my favorites and share them with you because there are just TOO MANY CUTE IDEAS HERE to pull inspiration from!

So let me just get right to it… {links to full DIY costume tutorials below each photo/description}


DIY Popcorn Costume


DIY-Popcorn-Costume DIY-Popcorn-Costume

I mean, this is just the cutest! Though the top will take a bit of work and time, the striped dress is an easy/affordable buy and obviously wearable beyond Halloween. The popcorn container prop is super cute, though not necessary since popcorn doesn’t usually carry popcorn and/or eat itself, BUT if you could somehow turn it into a purse, that would be functional and cute. Better yet, make a BUTTER clutch bag for the WIN!

* Click through for the full DIY tutorial: DIY Popcorn Costume


DIY Strawberry Costume


DIY-Strawberry-Costume DIY-Strawbery-Costume

I mean, SO CUTE! This strawberry costume is not only adorable, it’s easy peasy… simple red dress? Check! White felt + glue = seeds? Check! DIY paper headband/hat leafy topper? CHECK! This simple diy fruity costume would be super duper adorable as a mother + daughter/son duo look because you could easily recreate this on a red onesie or toddler dress/jumper or overalls. Too sweet for words!

* Click through for the full DIY tutorial: DIY Strawberry Costume


DIY Burger Costume


DIY-Burger-Costume DIY-Burger-Costume

Rather than wearing a huge and ridiculous-though-hilarious hamburger costume in a shapeless form, this fashion forward burger costume option allows you to retain your cute factor while being totally edible. I LOVE the ruffled peplum lettuce and condiments “belt” idea because you could pair it with burger colored sweats if you preferred… Cute AND Delish!

* Click through for the full DIY tutorial: DIY Burger Costume


DIY Fries (Before Guys!) Costume


fries-before-guys-costume fries-before-guys-costume

What’s a burger without fries?! This DIY French Fry costume, paired with the burger costume above would make an adorable squad or couple costume, but admittedly takes a bit more confidence and condiment commitment to pull off… because I’m not sure I’d want to walk around with this much “stuff” on/around me all day/night. The idea is fantastic though. All you need now is mustard and ketchup to complete your Halloween squad goals.

* Click through for the full DIY tutorial: DIY Fries (Before Guys!) Costume


DIY Pineapple Costume


Pineapple-Costume-DIY Pineapple-Costume-Topper

Okay, this diy fruity costume is even easier than the strawberry and just as adorable… though you could take it next level by creating a pineapple pattern on your dress, it’s not even really necessary! I love her pink sunglasses to finish the tropical look.

* Click through for the full DIY tutorial: DIY Pineapple Costume


DIY Birthday Cake Costume


Birthday-Cake-Costume-DIY DIY-Birthday-Cake-Costume

Again, I’m not sure I’d be willing to wear this all night HOWEVER, I’d definitely go as the friend in a “LET THEM EAT CAKE” DIY costume for the perfect BFF couple costume… because that would be HILARIOUS. How cute is it that she’s the candle on the cake? So clever I tell you!

* Click through for the full DIY tutorial: DIY Birthday Cake Costume


DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume



Last but definitely not least, this funny larger than life DIY Pizza costume with optional Delivery Boy is on fleek. Add your favorite toppings for a unique pizza and don’t forget a gluten free option šŸ˜‰

* Click through for the full DIY tutorial: DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume

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Happy Halloween Month Lovecats!

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