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DIY Lace Front Beanie // Lace Knit Cap

DIY Lace front beanie

A few weeks ago Miss Kylie Jenner posted this gloriously pouty selfie wearing a beanie with a lace front, and I couldn’t get enough. She only referenced her stylist in the photo and not the brand/designer of the beanie so I have no clue if such knit caps exists. I did a little googling, but didn’t find much. So I thought, why not DIY it?

I’m pretty happy with the results, though if I were to suggest one thing, I’d go with a bigger, slouchier style of beanie. Mine is a generic shorty version and while it’s okay, I think if it had more slouchiness in the top/back, it would be a bit cuter and you’d be able to wear it further back on your head, which is trendy at the moment. But either way, it’s pretty easy and totally cute!

Here’s another cute shot of the original from Kylie’s Instagram

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Lace Front Beanie

  • Beanie or slouchy knit hat
  • Lace with a pretty edge that matches your beanie {in color}
  • Needle/Matching Thread/Scissors


Try on your hat and find your favorite “front”… you know, the way it looks best on your head.

DIY Lace Front Beanie 1

Cut a rounded triangle from the “front” of your hat about two inches wide.

DIY Lace Front Beanie 2

Cut two rounded triangles from your lace about three times the size of the triangle you cut from your beanie.

DIY Lace Front Beanie 3

Layer them on top of each other {to make it a little darker – this is optional – if your lace is already pretty opaque, you’ll only need one layer}.

DIY Lace Front Beanie 4

Run a quick hand stitch around the edges just to keep the layers together.

DIY Lace Front Beanie 5

If your beanie is two layers like mine is, open it up and insert your lace triangle, which will be too big.

Hold your lace in place within your beanie {or pin it on} and try on hour hat and notice how much lace you’ll need to cover the space smoothly when your beanie is stretched over your head.

NOTE: If you have a larger, looser fitting, or even slouchier beanie, you may not need the above step.

DIY Lace Front Beanie 6

With your needle and thread, stitch your lace to your beanie, while at the same time finished the raw edges of your knit so they won’t fray… this also hides the stitches within your lace and at the edges of your beanie. The best way to explain the stitch is to go up and down through the edge of the beanie but through the lace.

And… Voila!

DIY Lace front beanie

Expedit-cubbies-magazines-face vase

DIY Lace beanie on face vase

face vase with beanie

Have Fun!

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PS! This makes a fun gift for your besties too!


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