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DIY Halloween // Spooky Slithering Snake Wreath

DIY Creepy Slithering Snake Halloween Wreath

At the beginning of October, I picked up a home decor magazine with a Halloween inspired cover (I think it was Good Housekeeping), just because it had been so long since I actually flipped through the pages of a magazine vs swiping through the internet or pinterest for inspiration. And whaddya know? I got inspired!

There was a DIY black wreath with insects all over it and since I had all the ingredients to make that recipe, I ran down to my workspace and pulled everything out. However, I had more plastic snakes than bugs and thought they’d make a spookier halloween wreath anyway…

Feeling super original, of course, I began setting up all my supplies to create my masterpiece when suddenly I had a moment wherein I thought WAIT. THIS HAS PROBABLY BEEN DONE BEFORE. So I took to google and searched and low and behold, IT HAS BEEN DONE. About a million times and by the one and only Martha Stewart.

Oh well, I thought… I’ll do it anyway.

So here is my version of the not-so-original DIY Halloween Snake Wreath.

But for the record, mine is smaller, about half the size of theirs, too small for a front door wreath, so I used it in the house and that’s how mine turned into something original 😉

It’s really easy and if you choose acrylic paint, you can do it with kiddos 🙂 (or just spray it when they’re not around… I dropped mine in the bottom of the box so it would contain any overspray)

Here’s What I Used…

* Grapevine wreath (any size… mine is small/medium)
* Toy snakes in various sizes. The larger the wreath, the more snakes you’ll need
* Fine wire (you can use pipe cleaners too in a matching color)
* Wire cutters
* Black paint (I used spray paint because it’s the quickest and easiest and dries super fast)

Here’s How I Did It…

Arrange your snakes on your wreath until you like the configuration. Overlap them, wrap them around (if they’re long enough) and allow some to hang over the edges.

Cut about 12″ or so of wire (the longer wire makes it easier to wrap) and secure your snakes to the wreath in at least two sections per snake. Cut off excess wire if necessary.

It will look something like this… use as many snakes as you like.

Find a large box, take it outside and drop your wreath in it… I painted the back first then the front.

Give it a few coats and make sure you get the sides as well.

I went with a gloss and think it gave it a little more dimension (and sliminess) 😉

Allow it to dry overnight outside or in a vented area. Those spray paint fumes are no joke.

And… Voila!

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Am I the only one who wants to type an E at the end of WREATH? …like wreathe … why?

Happy DIY Halloween Lovecats!

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