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DIY Golden Nugget Knobs // Gold Pulls to Upgrade your Ikea Expedit

DIY Knobs-Gold Nugget Rock Drawer Pulls-ikea expedit, ikea furniture hack

Ikea Expedit Shelves_Doors+Drawers_DIY Gold Drawer Pulls_Knobs, ikea furniture hack

Soooo, if you’ve been following along the last few weeks, you already know that I’ve been giving my Home Office {slash dressing room – slash studio – slash everything space} a little makeover refresh. It’s a combination of needing my space in a new way, decluttering, freeing up space and letting energy flow, adding a few new artworks, and a few small furniture upgrades… and along with the overhaul has also included a few DIYs out of necessity, both functional and decorative.

Last week I shared my quick DIY fabric lined gold baskets, which are working out quite nicely, next week I have another really exciting DIY reveal that’s far more decorative, but right now, these little tiny gold nugget DIY knobs and drawer pulls are everything!

It began with a desire to upgrade the boring little silver things that come with the Ikea Expedit shelving accessories, and so I began my search, but once I started really looking around, I decided I wanted gold knobs that looked like actual golden nuggets and I couldn’t find anything like them. Anthropologie had the closest options to what I was looking for, but they were all a little too big, and a little too expensive as well. And then this idea just popped in my mind and sent me straight outside searching for jagged little rocks… if you follow my Snaps, you saw the entire process and DIY when it happened , but it was the perfect little addition to give me motivation to declutter and redecorate my shelves to make them look all pretty and new again, gleaming with their newest jewels… or, rocks. PS! They’re similar to my DIY Faux Crystals! So you can also use nail polish colors to create the look of crystals and agates if you like!

Here’s What They Looked Like BEOFRE…

Ikea Expedit Shelving unit desk + accessories

Just simple little silver nubs that stuck out… fine, but there’s nothing like unique drawer pulls or knobs to really make a furniture piece stand out or feel a little more special, especially when it’s Ikea. Though I must admit that I still LOVE this desk system surrounded by all these shelves. I have one beside me and one behind me, and I love the look and the space for decorative cubbies and functional storage.

Here’s What You Need…

DIY Knobs_Gold Nugget Rock Drawer Pulls- 1

DIY Knobs_Gold Nugget Rock Drawer Pulls-2

  • Jagged rocks with one interesting side and one flat side, preferably
  • Expedit pulls {unscrewed and removed from furniture} or another similarly small, short, & narrow screw-on knob
  • E6000® Adhesive – ESSENTIAL – nothing else will hold
  • Q-tips
  • Metallic pray paint -or paint color of choice


This is obviously so simple, it barely needs a tutorial, but there are few tricks that may help… like THIS IS THE ONLY ADHESIVE THAT WILL WORK 🙂 Don’t even try hot glue. Your gold nuggets will fall right off.

DIY Knobs_Gold Nugget Rock Drawer Pulls- 3

Choose your rock, decide which side you’ll glue down, apply adhesive to the entire top of your little pulls.

DIY Knobs_Gold Nugget Rock Drawer Pulls- 4

Set your rock in place at the largest and flattest part of the back and press down for a moment until it sets.

Use a q-tip to smooth down and remove the glue that oozes out the sides, and carefully set aside to dry.

DIY Knobs_Gold Nugget Rock Drawer Pulls-5

Once you’ve set all your rocks in place, allow them to dry for about ten minutes…

DIY Knobs_Gold Nugget Rock Drawer Pulls-6

Then spray them with a few coats of your favorite paint or in this case, metallic gold – and let dry.

THIS IS KEY: LET THEM DRY OVERNIGHT so the glue sets and they hold FOR GOOD.

I actually use these drawers and doors on a daily basis so they have to be strong enough for daily use without breaking off. So you HAVE to let them dry overnight before using them.

ALSO NOTE: Even though you can twist them onto the screw for installation, USE A SCREW DRIVER to TWIST THE SCREW instead while you hold your pull steady in place.


And… Voila!

Office shelves+Desk_Expedit_Gold Nugget Door Pulls_Knobs

Ikea Expedit Shelves _ Doors+Drawers_DIY Gold Drawer Pulls_Knobs

DIY Drawer Pulls  _ Gold Nugget Knobs_Ikea Expedit

DIY Knobs -Gold Nugget Rock -Drawer Pulls-ikea expedit

Gold drawer pulls - gold knobs

Have Fun!

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