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New Guided Meditation // Finding Hope in Uncertain Times

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Lovecats, there is a new guided meditation available from Oprah and Deepak and if now isn’t the best time to start meditating (if you haven’t yet), I don’t know what or when is. It started 3 or 4 days ago and they usually leave five days of meditations up for five days I think, so you can still catch 1-4 if you log in now. Then you just lose a day each day you gain a day, if that makes sense.

I have been using their guided meditations since 2014 and haven’t found any I like as much as theirs. The meditations are about 20 minutes long (10 minutes of calming positive talking and 10 minutes of chanting) which are easy to listen to and easy to follow and also very calming.

Some days focusing on the meditation is more difficult than others… meditation is never easy, that’s why they call it a practice, but guided meditations make it slightly easier to catch yourself when your mind wanders off.

Even after five years of meditating, I am not necessarily “good” at it, but it still is good for my mind and creates space and peace in areas that used to be filled with anxiety and worry. This is just to say, please don’t blow off meditation because you think “you can’t do it” or “it’s too hard for you” because all you have to do is give yourself 20 minutes, sit back, close your eyes and listen 🙂

Lately, due to our worldwide situation and quarantine, I’m feeling those anxieties and worries creep back in a little more and so now is the time to double down on the meditations and get back to a regular meditating time. I used to do them each morning when I woke up, but now I don’t really want to bother the person who is laying in bed next to me so I usually wait until the afternoon but then some days I totally forget and it’s the daily practice where the solitude and serenity is found, even if you can’t feel it on the spot, in the moment. Over time, wow. Your mind is suddenly your friend instead of your enemy and it feels like a miracle has happened.

Anyway, you’ve heard it a thousand times from me before, meditating is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I’m so excited that they’ve released a new one NOW, in these uncertain times, because I need it even more.

If you download the free app, you can listen to them on your phone. The new one pops up as “free” on your home page… and then there’s an option to purchase it at the end (or any time) and then if you purchase it (I have eleven of them) they go into your library to select and listen to whenever you want to.

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Happy Meditating Lovecats!

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* Feel better, always!

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