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7 Important Ways to Spend Your Time Everyday for a Fulfilling Life


For those of you who are following along with the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Manifesting True Success with Oprah & Deepak, how are you liking it?

I definitely like the take on success with this series vs the other two I listen to regularly on my app, Expanding your Happiness and Perfect Health and will most definitely be adding it to my regular rotation for a well-rounded meditation journey.

While listening a few mornings ago, day 13 to be exact, and before the meditation began, Deepak was talking about time and how approaching it as something we can master will lead to fulfillment each day, and I really loved the idea of that. So often we feel like we are a slave to time or lack control because we don’t have enough time. When we make it the point of our focus, just like anything else we work at, we see results. Deepak notes that we should set a time to act and set a time for the results to come and that through time, we can be timeless.

“All great achievements require time” ~ Maya Angelou


Though our brains process our experiences one event at a time, we are not bound by time. Everything needed for success in any sense of the word unfolds naturally. I definitely know that when I view life as a mystery unfolding, each moment becomes a clue to the next adventure, making life a little more fun, helping me to recognize and be grateful for the moment rather than feeling like a victims of the moment, of time and of life in general. When I remember that everything is exactly how it should be, I can relax and enjoy THIS moment in time right now.

Deepak referred to a plan or ritual he partakes in developed by Daniel J. Siegel who created a sort of map for mastering time each day which optimizes different areas of our brain leading to expanded awareness and a sense of fulfillment, and I just loved it. I thought it was important to note it here so as to remember every day to incorporate time spent paying attention to each area.


7 important ways to spend our time everyday for a fulfilling life…

1. Sleep Time…

Create a sleep ritual and spend time getting a full night’s restful sleep.

2. Physical Time…

Take time to move and let your body be active.

3. Focus Time…

Spend time alone for a while to concentrate on what matters to you.

4. Time In…

Set aside moments for meditation, prayer, or self reflection.

5. Time Out…

Set aside time to simply be here, resting in existence.

6. Playtime…

Spend time having fun in a carefree mood.

7. Connecting Time…

Share intimate and private time with those you love and care for.

When I think about my days, I find that on my most peaceful and productive feeling ones, I have spent time in each of these areas separately and fully. But there are definitely days where I feel too busy or stressed out and don’t allow for a few of them or even all of them, and they really are so important. If we could keep the seven areas fresh in our brain each day, we may allow ourselves a little more time for the things that do actually matter and feel a great sense of fulfillment at the end of each day… which ultimately, leads to a more restful night of sleep and success in all areas of our lives.


Happy Monday Lovecats!

* May today and every day be timeless.

Inspirational images taken from the Oprah/Deepak Chopra Meditation Facebook page.


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