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* Friday I’m In Love *

It seems that I share more personal things about my life, including silly photos of my dogs & daily pleasures, on Instagram & Twitter and less and less here. And since not everyone has Twitter or Instagram accounts or even follows me on Facebook, I thought I’d share a few new things I’m in love with around the house as of late, including, but not limited to, our dogs.

pink peony in gold vase

* Hot pink peony in a gold vase left over from my coral sculpture diy. I’m in love.

leroy staring out the window

* LeRoy sits on the edge of the couch to look out the window. This is how he copes with being short. I’m in love.

big white vases in  the  master bedroom  + vintage suitcase and shells

* The ginormous white vases & tall leaves in our almost finished Master bedroom …which I absolutely love. My plan for our bedroom was to make it look and feel like a tropical vacation retreat. And so many mornings when I wake up and afternoons when the sun is low & the pool is reflecting through our window & onto the ceiling, that’s exactly how it feels. I’m in love.

new black bikini

* New Bikini for Summer …from VS. Which I actually purchased last Summer but it was backordered and didn’t show up til about November. I’m in love.

nook in living room +  face vase + reflection in round mirror

* One of my favorite nooks in our house. The corner of our living room, a room I haven’t fully documented here yet, but will soon.

LeRoy staring into the dog food  cupboard

* I keep all the dog food and bones, etc. in a perfect narrow little cupboard at the end of the kitchen and about 20 times I day I find LeRoy has opened it and is gazing into it. It makes me laugh every time. I’m in love.

little potted succulents

* I had so many little pots from old orchids the husband had brought home for me I decided to drop little succulents in them and line the corners of our backyard. I’m in love.

regrowing orchids    regrowing orchids on the window sill

* And speaking of orchids, I’m so excited I’m REGROWING TWO OF THEM …right on my kitchen window sill. I can’t tell you how many years I’ve tried to regrow my orchids and had failed every time. This is one of the first orchids the husband brought me when we moved in and just recently has budded and bloomed again, over a year later. I’m in love.

the biggest dog bed on the planet + bebop the pug

* Our dog beds are ginormous. We don’t just have one …we have two. When our dogs are in them we can just drag them around the house on the wood floors, like doggy river rafting. I’m in love.

monogrammed T towels in guest bathroom

* The monogrammed hand towels in our guest bathroom {which I just realized I never documented after finishing either}. I’m in love.

our wedding reception invitation

* Title: The Cure “Friday I’m in Love”. I love The Cure everyday …not just Friday. In fact, I quoted The Cure on our wedding reception invitation 😉 …and obviously, that’s where my Friday lovecats sign off comes from. I’m in love.

Happy Friday Lovecats



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