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DIY Fringe Necklace from an Old T-shirt

t-shirt fringe necklace accessory coachella

What you’ll need…


Everyone has an old T-shirt, right? ….these happen to be GAP Stretch t-shirts that were quite fitted through the arms and chest but loose in the waist.


Cut shirt {as seen in image below}. . . either way works . . . I made the green fringe larger


Leave full length or cut shorter, to desired length


And… Voila!


Pull over head and wear as a necklace! Cute over a bandeau bikini top as well!



Or wear them on your arms! {or anywhere they’ll fit! That’s the bonus of using a t-shirt with stretch!}

tshirt-fringe-necklace-8, sweat pant dressing, fashionable sweat pants, fashion sweatpants

*note: I wasn’t planning on doing a DIY this weekend but this idea popped in my head yesterday afternoon while I was cleaning out my closet . . . and knowing that these t-shirts were not going to get worn in original form, I turned them into something new. I have a brown one I’ll probably DIY as well …because seriously, this post is taking longer than the DIY, it’s so easy.

*disclaimer: while I have been cutting up old t-shirts for decades {as many of you probably have too}, it has always been into another style of t-shirt to wear …as a t-shirt. I have seen many fringe necklaces {and made one} but not like this. IF however I am wrong and this idea is not my own, please do let me know so I can link to another previous version of this DIY.

{Victoria’s Secret fleece crop pant, old ass tank top, Jessica Simpson zip booties, sunglasses unknown, Aldo earrings}

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