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Healthy & Delish 3 Ingredient Frozen Summer Treat

healthy icy treat

In the heat of the Summer, I want everything frozen. Everything. And since I’m trying to eat healthier and cut my sugars back, ice cream and ice blended coffee fraps are not necessarily on my daily intake list, though I wish they were! When we returned from our hike the other day I just wanted something frosty, and fast — so I whipped this up and was in heaven. Seriously, it’s really yummy and refreshing {and super easy} and replenishes what I lost while breaking a sweat –due to the electrolytes and potassium and stuff 😉

It’s thick enough to eat with a spoon but thin enough to suck with a straw… which makes it even more fun, because it can feel like a dessert or a drink!

healthy summer dessert

Here’s What You Need…

* Coconut water {my favorite is Vita Coco — I’ve used pineapple and regular together and also regular and guava together – both mixes are amazingly refreshing but not too sweet. For less sugar, opt for the regular coconut water. I like to mix plain/flavored to get the best of both worlds}
* 1 Frozen banana {peel your bananas before you freeze them – I keep a few in the freezer at all times now and really, it’s the only way I’ll eat bananas}
* Ice

I use equal parts coconut water and ice {or sometimes a little more ice than liquid – and never an entire serving as per the coconut water box} and drop a broken/frozen banana in the blender and whipped it up. That’s it!

True it’s not NO-SUGAR, but I don’t mind eating the sugar from fruit {one Banana is apparently about 17g of sugar + about 7-10g in the coconut water, it’s natural in a way that is not processed, which for now, I am okay with. Though it may be more potassium than needed, I find it super hydrating after our hikes}

* Of course you can add your favorite fruits and berries and create a smoothie, but I love this seedless but icy treat simple like this. I’ve been blending one daily after our hikes and loving it!

healthy iced treat

It was just last year that I tried coconut water for the first time and really hated it. To ease my way in, I used to mix in just a little bit of regular juice and created a delicious summer drink. Since then, I’ve grown to really love it and can drink it right out of the container now, but I LOVE to mix it with booze as well… like in my Refreshing Tequila Cocktail Recipe, but it’s also really great with rum. I love it because it’s not too sweet and still healthier than other juices –though I’m pretty sure you can never really categorize a boozy cocktail as “healthy” 😉

summer treat

Cheers to Happy Summer Frozen Treats!

And of course, Enjoy!


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