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House Hunting: A Renovated 60’s Palace in Lake Elsinore

In our quest to find our dream house {Spanish style homes or houses built in the late 50’s-early 60’s}, which are millions of dollars in Los Angeles and under $400K everywhere else in between here and NYC, it seems, the husband and I have begun looking just outside LA to hopefully find something comparable. I think ideally, we don’t really want to move from our beloved home town of LA but are also not willing to spend all of our hard earned dollars on a tiny house that looks just like every other house we’ve lived in here since we were children.

So Palm Springs was our first option, just under two hours from LA, where we found gorgeous Spanish style homes on golf courses that looked dreamy, so we took a little trip to check it out. We returned from Palm Springs optimistic but realized quickly that we wouldn’t be able to stand the desert heat for longer than about a week. So we began looking at lake cities and beach towns about an hour or two outside of LA. We’ve actually found some potentially great places, but we always end up deciding to stay put and keep saving our pennies.

As soon as we decide to stay, however, we find something amazing and this house is just that. It’s in/on Lake Elsinore, which until my husband showed me the listing three days ago, I had never heard of. Apparently it’s only about and hour and 30 minutes from here and is sort of in between LA and San Diego and/or Palm Springs, if that makes any sense. This house is kind of amazing. And although they may have gone a bit blue tile crazy, I love the 60’s design, the colossal feel and pool and the lake view {it’s in the distance}. This kind of a house doesn’t really exist in LA, and if it did, it would most definitely NOT be in our price range. In Lake Elsinore however, it’s under what we had planned to spend if we stay here.

So, just like I did with my Palm Springs house hunting post, I want to reach out to any and all of you who have lived in or around Lake Elsinore or have anything to say good or bad about it. Because this house has me sold. There is so much potential and I LOVE the indoor/outdoor space and feel… What do you think?

See the lake in the distance in the photo below-in between the mountains & the lone palm tree.

The front door and backyard are kind of next to each other…

I mean seriously, this house is dreamy… has so much potential and a 60’s feel that we love. It’s also $200K LESS than we’d spend on a house here in LA and is 3 times bigger than we’d get here… not to mention the 36,155 Sq. Ft. lot size vs the 8sq. ft. lot size we’d get here. Oh and also, there’s a lake.

Thoughts… please. I have no idea about this area and would love your input!

Happy Saturday!


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