I’m back on Suffragette City

long wavy blonde hair, ray ban aviator sunglasses, vintage blouse, lace up jeans, black jeans, gray boots, rosegold, DVF, blue bag, vintage leather jacket, patchwork leather jacket, cropped jeans, los angeles, DSC_0056

What I’m Wearing
* J Brand/Duarte “Suffragette” cropped lace up jeans in “dusk” from GILT {love these}
* Vintage blouse …thrifted from a recent shopping spree at the Salvation Army {so fun} 😉
* Vintage patchwork leather jacket {one of my absolute faves} I’ve had it FOREVER …seen here recently
* Vintage rosary beads worn as a necklace {very sacrilegious if I were in fact, religious ;}
* Dark silver & black crystal hoop earrings & various stacking rings
* Rosegold brushed suede gray boots …buy them in brown here …I love these boots.
* DVF brushed suede blue bag
* Ray Ban “Road Spirit” mirrored aviatorssee a close up of them in this post

Title: lyrics from David Bowie’s “Suffragette City”

As you may know, I work for an art dealer in an art gallery from 10-4 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as a graphic/web designer …and on those days, I photograph my outfits and post them here for you all to see. And if you didn’t know …now you do 😉

Though it would be smart, I rarely choose my outfit ahead of time or even the night before but rather rush around in the mornings like a crazed maniac creating a whirlwind of floating clothes which eventually end up on my dressing room floor. Unfortunately, this horrible habit causes me to be late most days. I digress. So while my outfits do reflect my personal style and everyday work dress, I would probably put forth a bit more effort if I were just getting dressed for this blog …or to “lunch” {if you know what I mean}. However, when the boss is out of town, the freedom to dress down and wear whatever I like is thrilling really …and today was just that kind of a day.


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DVF bag, vintage color blocked blouse, vintage rosary beads, rosary beads worn as a necklace, vintage leather jacket, hair, DSC_0170

black and white photo, ray bans, aviator sunglasses, waved blonde hair, DSC_0177

lace up jeans, J Brand jeans, Duarte jeans, black jeans, rosary bead necklace, vintage leather, DSC_0157

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vintage leather jacket, los angeles blogs, ankle boots, fashion, j brand jeans, cropped jeans, dvf bag, long hair, street style, DSC_0068

vintage leather jacket, los angeles blogs, ankle boots, fashion, j brand jeans, cropped jeans, dvf bag, long hair, street style, DSC_0164


vintage leather jacket, los angeles blogs, ankle boots, fashion, j brand jeans, cropped jeans, dvf bag, long hair, street style,  DSC_0179

Happy Friday Lovecats
vintage leather jacket, los angeles blogs, ankle boots, fashion, j brand jeans, cropped jeans, dvf bag, long hair, street style, DSC_0130


LA native & lifestyle blogger Maegan Tintari writes daily at ...love Maegan.com sharing beauty & style secrets, including fashion DIYs, how-to nail art manicures, hair tutorials, recipes & home decorating ideas, as well as a look into her personal life, her journey & battle with infertility & recent relocation to the mountains by a lake in search of a better life with her adorable French Bulldog brothers, Trevor and Randy.


  • *amanda*

    February 11, 2011 |

    Nobody does an outfit post quite like Maeg. 😉
    I dig the blouse…HARD.
    The bag with the blouse?…HARDER.

  • Fashion Agony

    February 11, 2011 |

    Gorgeous outfit! Love those cropped pants so much!


  • AlbeeLucky

    February 11, 2011 |

    That leather patchwork jacket rocks! It fits you so perfectly. I love the idea that you don’t plan ahead of time what you’ll be wearing, but always end up looking fantastic.-AlbeeLucky


  • Jill

    February 11, 2011 |

    Thanks for the link. You’re right! I love the necklace. I’m doing a post about the jewelry and a disappointing makeover tomorrow.

  • Miyan

    February 11, 2011 |

    your hair looks so great, full and healthy! also, love the lace up- hot!



  • Bethany

    February 11, 2011 |

    Love it! Great find at Salvation Army. 🙂

  • Alex

    February 11, 2011 |

    I love that bag & shirt!

    I’ll be moving to the LA area in March for a few months and would love to know what your favorite thrift/vintage stores are.

    I live in a small town in Maryland and the thrift store here is crappy.

  • amalie

    February 11, 2011 |

    great outfit, love your shirt!

  • House of Hemingway

    February 11, 2011 |

    Your hair looks so long! Looking fab as always!


  • plentyforpennies

    February 11, 2011 |

    Really love the blouse! Great pics. Full of sun!!


  • Marisa

    February 11, 2011 |

    I am in love with this outfit. You look like such a badass!

  • Chicago Mom (Heather)

    February 11, 2011 |

    Yeah. You have the best hair in the whole world. Did you know that?

  • Craftmaker

    February 11, 2011 |

    It doesn’t matter that you don’t plan your outfits ahead or anything because anyway you end up looking great!
    Love the blouse, btw.

  • CessOviedo

    February 11, 2011 |

    Happy friday for you doll! Hope the boss doesn’t come up with lots of work today! … You look so hot, love the attitude on the pictures!


  • Katie

    February 11, 2011 |

    Your pics look great today!

  • Twenty.Something

    February 11, 2011 |
  • modanista junkie

    February 11, 2011 |

    You look like a total rock star!!! Love the avaitor shades!!


  • Anonymous

    February 11, 2011 |

    Please…show us your loot from your Salvation Army haul. I loooove thrifting!!!

  • April

    February 11, 2011 |

    I lovelovelove that blouse!

    And my lack of outfit planning totally puts me in the same boat. Although, sometimes it helps – I just throw on whatever, usually meaning lots of color and pattern, which totally works for me 🙂


  • Anonymous

    February 11, 2011 |

    Your hair colorist is fantastic! I looked up “Strawberry blonde hair” on love to know.com….your hair is a very natural color and beautifully highlighted. I just can’t say enough about how it brings out your beautiful blue eyes. Just had to say………

  • K

    February 11, 2011 |

    “aaahhhh Wham bam, thank you ma’am”
    Loving this one.

  • Anna Saccone

    February 11, 2011 |

    You’re such a hottieeee!!! <3 <3

  • Beth

    February 11, 2011 |

    As I scroll down the first picture, I like to try to guess what shoes you might be wearing. I was right today!

  • Susan

    February 11, 2011 |

    I love your blog. I don’t comment all the time, but I feel like I email your posts to friends all the time. Thought I’d tell you 🙂

  • Lindsay [Bella Cene']

    February 12, 2011 |

    This is totally fabulous! Love it! You ROCK that jacket!

    Lindsay @ Bella Cene’

  • Higgenbottom

    February 12, 2011 |

    yay for bosses being out of town! when mine was sick last week, i ran allover the office with my waist button unbuttoned.

  • Hugs & Loves, Ariel

    February 12, 2011 |

    I love the Leather Jacket! every time i see your outfit post’s with it i think to my self I NEED a leather jacket its such a staple piece! and no Tom Fords? did you get new shades?? I’m super jealous that you have weather nice enough to wear sun glasses 😉

  • Behind the Lashes

    February 12, 2011 |

    I really LOVE this outfit. Everything just complements everything haha. I get dressed the same way and if I had a fashion blog I would be in so much trouble I’m sure lol.

  • Rock'n Roll Ballerina

    February 12, 2011 |

    Cool outfit! Love the fab weather over there:)
    Happy weekend! Love from Oslo!

  • Gwen

    February 14, 2011 |

    I am lusting over a bag in a faded blue right now. It actually looks really similar to your DVF in style. Hmmm….maybe it should move closer to the top of my list. Hope you had a great weekend!

  • November Grey

    February 17, 2011 |

    Love it! You’re so gorgeous too.



  • Myrthe

    February 17, 2011 |

    First time here and love you’re blog.. you have a new follower!!

  • perfumeorpoison

    February 24, 2011 |

    ha ha! i totally know what you mean about those fashion bloggers who “just threw this together/dressed up a bit to go grab lunch”. and then wore 6inch heels and crinolines and god knows what. come on.
    i prefer this kind of fashion – with a crisp sense of style, daytime appropriate, spontaneous and inspiring 🙂

  • Madie

    July 1, 2015 |

    Your rock it! I like the look. .Kodus!

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