It’s a Texture Thing

AKA NY scallop dress+Juma+Calvin Klein shoes-1

AKA NY scallop dress+Juma+Calvin Klein shoes-2

AKA NY scallop dress+Juma+Calvin Klein shoes-3

calvin klein snakeskin sandals

AKA NY scallop dress+Juma+Calvin Klein shoes-4

What I’m Wearing
* washed silk AKA NY scalloped edge dress …bought last year from GILTseen here best! {I have it in black as well}
* JUMA cotton shirt/dress {belted} …a more recent GILT purchase. I think I shop at gilt far too much. I’ve been jonesing for a bit of thrifting lately but can’t seem to get myself to the actual shops. Shopping online is just so much easier but there’s nothing like great thrift/vintage finds. I needed these long sleeves in the gallery all day …it’s so cold in there it makes my legs hurt. In the afternoon, when I get in my warm car, it feels so good and toasty. Then half way home it’s like an oven and I need to remove all such clothing.
* Vintage gold-toned skinny snake belt
* Danglies from Forever 21 …a gift from mom
* Calvin Klein snakeskin platform sandalsseen recently here
* Tom Ford Anouk -cat eye- sunglasses
* Hair: pulled back wet this morning and let dry …I really can’t be bothered lately with any of it lol. Hopefully more creative next week.


AKA NY scallop dress+Juma+Calvin Klein shoes-5

Here’s to a safe and fun and relaxing 4th of July weekend …what are your plans? We’re having our close friends over for a little barbeque & swimming and looking forward to lounging around.

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  • Lexy

    July 2, 2010 |

    Love the scalloped dress, it’s so sweet! I would never think to put that cotton shirt/dress over it, but it works.

    You are my inspiration for unconventional pairings of pieces… I love that you step outside of the box! I can’t wait to lounge around either… in the sun (read HEAT) with a cocktail and a magazine… munching on grilled food. ENJOY!

    Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

  • Karena

    July 2, 2010 |

    Fabulous!! Maegan, I found you through my friend Catherine!

    Come and join my designer giveaway!!

    Art by Karena

  • Hollywood

    July 2, 2010 |

    Loving the Dress this is so unique ! You rock it!



    July 2, 2010 |

    That dress rocks!

  • Katnani

    July 2, 2010 |

    Your skirt is PRECIOUS!!! It’s so delicate!

  • hellotaylor

    July 2, 2010 |

    I love this one! Super cute.

  • Glamour Bbey.

    July 2, 2010 |

    Beautiful as usual!

  • Maria@chicisimo

    July 2, 2010 |

    I love the dress and it’s amazing how it changes with the shirt. I love the idea ;D!
    Have a nice weekend!

    Note: I don’t know why, but today your site is going slow. Maybe it’s me… I just wanted to tell you, because sometimes the owner doesn’t notice that kind of problems 🙂

  • anhesty

    July 2, 2010 |

    happy 4th! you look great! love the scalloped design

  • Leia

    July 2, 2010 |

    I am in LOVE with that scalloped dress!

    Leia’s Delights

  • Francesca

    July 2, 2010 |

    love this look! you should have tucked the shirt into the skirt so we could see ur cute figure!!

    those shoes are amazing.

    F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC! MAKE SURE YOU ENTER MY $100 GIVEAWAY!!!

  • ~Mrs. Guru~

    July 2, 2010 |

    Love that skirt!

  • Angela

    July 2, 2010 |

    Been finding THE. ABSOLUTE. BEST. stuff at thrift stores lately. Have you discovered the vintage Avon uniform pieces? I unearthed a fuchsia vest the other day that is FABulous. You’ve got to get thrifting again! I do love to see how you mix pieces in.

  • Mae Lu

    July 2, 2010 |

    The scallop trend is totally taking off, and I’m not totally sure how I feel about it yet. You look amazing, however!!

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  • Iva

    July 2, 2010 |

    you look beautiful Maegan! Love that dress and the belt is awesome! I hope you have a great 4th of July weekend with your friends over!

  • Anna Katrina

    July 2, 2010 |

    i love the mix you did with the over sized top & skirt!

    Anna Katrina

  • Violet

    July 2, 2010 |

    love the color you look great maegan! you always look like your having fun in your photos.

    hope your fourth is great. i dont believe i have much planned for the fourth

    Vi from Cali

  • Closet Fashionista

    July 2, 2010 |

    Love the photos! Those shoes are great, so is the skirt 😀

  • holly in heels

    July 2, 2010 |

    Happy 4th o’ July weekend Maegan! Adore these outfit photos and your pink scalloped-edge dress is heavenly!

  • xiziluo

    July 2, 2010 |

    Oh no, scallop edges again! I thought it was a dead trend. They annoy me. I simply adore most of your outfits, but I just wish you can try a different new poses and lay off the L.V. monogrammed bags a bit. They are way too overrrated. I’d love you more Maegan! P.S. It’s cool how your name is spelled. You must have creative parents.

  • Shamini

    July 2, 2010 |

    that’s a lovely scalloped dress!



  • Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle

    July 2, 2010 |

    Love the scalloped dress & the color–so perfect for summer + those sandals!

    Have a great 4th of July!

    xo Mary Jo

  • Mademoiselle Trendy

    July 2, 2010 |

    stuning skirt! i love it!

  • God's Favorite Shoes!

    July 2, 2010 |

    Damn you Maegan and those sunglasses! I love them!

  • kitchen table

    July 3, 2010 |

    That outfit is simple. But that kind of outfit is what I love most. I love the sunglasses and also the shoes. I it the best part of that outfit.

  • "L"

    July 3, 2010 |

    What a cute outfit, and I like your hair.

    Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂


    July 3, 2010 |

    amazing skirt! wow! love its color! <3

  • Patricia

    July 3, 2010 |

    Love the skirt and shoes in this outfit!

  • Addict

    July 3, 2010 |

    You look gorgeous! I love the scalloped dress (I also like it in black, but LOVE this one for the color).
    Happy 4th of July and have a great weekend!

  • Tennis coaching Melbourne

    July 4, 2010 |

    Jeez that skirt is so so cutie.

  • Personal Injury Lawyers

    July 4, 2010 |

    Love your blog and your outfits as usual this one is also great. Love love love

  • Anonymous

    July 5, 2010 |


  • Anonymous

    July 5, 2010 |


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