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it’s friday

I’m compelled to post because I’ve been so busy with my other blog/business that I’ve totally neglected this one. In fact, I skipped November entirely – but it was a weird month anyway I guess. It’s strange that the last post about my mother was October 29th, which just so happens to be her birthday. What a horrible daughter. I find myself lost in wants but focusing on what I lack and I’ve learned that just brings more lack.

I’m still waiting on my car (since Oct. 15th). My ins. co. will not approve a new frame and Land Rover will not allow a repair. What do I do? So, I’m still driving my mother’s old car which makes me feel absolutely poorer than poor which makes me realize how shallow I really am. It’s free. I should be grateful. I hate it.

I actually also just got a raise (at my day job). I should feel fabulous. I feel like shit. I grew up poor. My mother still likes to be poor and hate on rich people. She thinks it’s Christ-like – fuck that! Little does she know, she will be hatin’ on me soon.

Tonight my husband and I will spend a fabulous evening with my brother and new sister-in-law (and family) before they leave on their honeymoon. They got married in Oct. but planned the hm for Dec. How great! She celebrates Hannukah and will be making latkes -which I have never had- and can’t wait to try. I love them …my brother and sister, that is. Every time I look at photos from their wedding (below) I tear up with happiness. They are adorable.

Well, it’s friday and I get to go home soon. I drive the canyons to avoid freeways…either way would take the same amount of time which is mental! It is between 7-10miles from my house to my work. It takes 45mins to an hour to get here in the am. I want to blow my brains out in traffic.

BUT, it’s friday and that’s all I can say!

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