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Knotted Ribbon Statement Necklace or Belt DIY

Statement Ribbon Necklace DIY -choker+collar+long necklace+belt


ribbon necklace DIY materials

* I used 7/8″ wide Black Grosgrain Ribbonribbon statement necklace, accessories, fashion, how to makefor the base and 5/8″ wide Grosgrain Ribbonribbon necklace diyin Forest Green,diy ribbon necklace, grosgrain ribbon, how to make a statement necklaceNavy,Black,statement necklace, fashion, DIY fashion, do it yourselfas well as 7/8″ Grayribbon necklacefor the design
* Scissors
* Blue Moon Metal Corrugated Beads, Round-Silver
* Did not use the needle & thread


Ribbon Necklace DIY -1

* Cut your base {using 7/8″ Black Grosgrain Ribbon} about 60″ long {I’d rather start long and cut down than have it be too short in the end …& this way, you can wear it as a belt too}

Ribbon Necklace DIY -2

* Cut 5″-7″ strips of various colors of choice – I used 35 ribbon strips

RIbbon Necklace DIY -3

* Measuring about 24″ down from one side of your base ribbon, tie one of your shorter ribbons in a tight knot. {you may also hold this up to yourself and eyeball placement}

RIbbon Necklace DIY -4

* Alternating ribbon colors, continue knotting ribbons down the base. You can do them all in the same length or longer at one end & shorter at the other, like I did.

RIbbon Necklace DIY -9

* I made my knotted section about 10″ long …you can stop where you like it.

RIbbon Necklace DIY -6

* Using your fingers, fray the edges of each ribbon to give it some texture
* You may also choose to stitch the knotted ribbons to the base but I found it wasn’t necessary if you knot them tightly

RIbbon Necklace DIY -7

* Finish off the ends with a bead by cutting the end of your base ribbon into an almost narrow point and pulling the bead up through it as far as it will go, securing it into place.

RIbbon Necklace DIY -8

grosgrain ribbon necklace DIY

wear it long

grosgrain ribbon necklace DIY -worn long

…as a collar bone piece

grosgrain ribbon necklace DIY -worn at the collar

…as a choker

grosgrain ribbon necklace DIY -worn as a choker

…or as a belt

knotted ribbon belt DIY

This project was really easy, really quick, & rather inexpensive to make …yet it looks like none of those things and I can’t wait to wear it. Velvetor Metallic ribbons would be GORGEOUS as well …especially for the holiday season.

Have Fun!

gray cape+little black dress+diy statemtne necklace+suede booties+cat eye sunglasses+original+sharp
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