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Lake House Landscaping Project Phase 1: Conceptual Designs

A few weeks ago I met with Lorenzo at SPLA | Scott Peterson Landscape Architect, a local landscaping firm here in Lake Arrowhead, and with the owners of my favorite local nursery in Cedar Glenn as well, to get started on reimagining our residential home exterior space -front yard and back- and last Friday I got the initial concept drawings and I’m so excited I don’t know what to do with myself!

You can read a little bit of backstory here: Lake House | Landscaping | Exterior Inspiration as well as see a bit of my inspiration for the space. I had ideas about what I wanted to incorporate into the property, like a hot tub area off of the mud room, an enclosed front and back area for dogs to play, lush greenery, more decks off of the back, and a possible fire pit space, with synthetic turf included and to be as environmentally friendly as possible… but other than that I was at a complete loss for what could be done with the whole of our existing property.

Here is what the exterior front/back looks like now…

Exterior before collage

Though it’s surrounded by hundred year old evergreens {which we will keep on the property and include in the design}, it’s just basically a house on an open lot with random concrete slabs, ten different materials, and a concrete deck surrounded by mountain dirt. It’s a great space but not very usable or functional at the moment but it has so much potential and I’m thrilled with what our landscape architect has imagined for the space. I like elements of each of his design concepts below and will meet with him again to chat about incorporating a little of both into the space and into our final dream for the exterior of our home.

Just being able to see these illustrations is so thrilling though, I can’t eve tell you! I only wish we had gotten started sooner {like last Fall} so that it would be all done now that we have the new puppies and are trying to potty train them to go outside. It may be a mess for a while once they get started, but I cannot WAIT to see the finished product as well as be able to actually use and enjoy some of this land we have.

Below are the initial illustrated concepts as well as a few close-up ideas for our future yard -front and back- {the numbers correspond to an unseen list}

Concept Design 1

landscaping concept drawing 2

Side view of stone hot tub/spa area…

stone spa area concept

Closeup of proposed fireplace and sitting area…

fireplace sitting area concept drawing

Concept Design 2

landscaping concept drawing 1

Closeup of the raised deck with hot tub…

spa area wood deck

Back view…

landscape preliminary sketch

It’s so fun to imagine what it may look like in the end and I just cannot wait! Again, I think Lorenzo at SPLA | Scott Peterson Landscape Architect did a wonderful job incorporating everything we spoke about into both concepts and now I can’t wait to get started… EEK!

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