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Layered Textures Tablescape in Black & Ivory with Wildflowers

tablescape_wild flowers_ecco domani wine
Tracking PixelGenerally, like any creative endeavor, when I start planning for a tablescape collaboration with Ecco Domani, I begin with a theme in mind and then start pulling items from all around the house that happen to fit that theme. Though a little cliche, this month’s theme WAS April Showers Bring May Flowers. However, once I started actually designing and setting the table, I quickly realized that it was probably going to look very similar to my Late Summer Tablescape from last year, and so my theme went completely out the window.

For this spring tablescape, I wanted something vastly different than anything I’d done before and the wildflowers I bought at the grocery store gave me a little inspiration. So instead of using contrasting hues, and reaching for my usual blues and rich berry tones, I committed to not using any blue at all in this design. And aside from my blue denim shirt, I made it out safely with just a hint of turquoise.

love Maegan Ecco Domani_ Prosecco

Including trends into your home and tablescape designs instantly upgrades any boring and possibly outdated look, making it feel fresh and modern, but it can be daunting sometimes and get very “theme-y” very fast. I love how my table has just a hint of a Southwestern vibe to it, without being over the top. It’s perfect for spring and any season, really!

Ecco Domani Prosecco_Mixed textures tablescape with wildflowers

First things first, the backdrop.

Nothing is off-limits when I’m working on a project, and I’ll search the entire house for anything that might work. For this table, I wanted a really textured base with a furry feeling, and immediately thought about the large, faux cowhide rug I’ve just purchased recently for our master bedroom. Now, generally, eating off of something you walk on is not appetizing, but this rug is brand new and became the absolute perfect backdrop and start of my layered textural tablescape. My favorite part about it is the way the uneven edge hangs over the table. It’s perfect.

If you are going to use a rug as your tablecloth, make sure it’s either brand new, and or laundered appropriately ahead of time. Also be aware of food spills and have your stain removing kit ready for when the party’s over!

tablescape_table settings

Next I grabbed my faux wood placemats, and while I normally use them as more of a runner on my tables, I decided they would be best in a set of four to block off the main sitting area of the table. The faux wood grain texture and distressed color were the perfect contrast to my furry backdrop.

Last week I randomly purchased two fabulous towels with a great black and ivory aztec pattern, because SUMMER! I flipped one upside down and stretched it across my bench for another great contrast in color and texture.

mixed texutres tablescape_wild flowers

Setting the Table…

To stick with my neutral black and ivory backdrop, I mixed glossy ivory dishes separated by a matted black salad plate for another great contrast, and placed a napkin with a gold thread running through it beneath it all for a little shimmer and shine. I finished the look off with two little river rocks in each bowl… which are of course, washed and clean. Just make sure your guests remove them before eating 😉

For this look, I really wish I had a simple flatware collection in gold or copper, because it would have made each setting pop a bit more, but the silver works just as well.

Table settings

I always feel like I don’t have the right glassware for the event, but I do like unusual shapes and pairing at least two styles and/or colors next to each other. Ecco Domani Prosecco doesn’t have to be enjoyed from a champagne glass, but I love the way these narrow flutes looked with my dishes. I set them on my agate coasters for a little more on-theme color and to steady them atop the fur. At the head and foot of the table though, I chose to include different stemware with a brown hue just for a little added color and texture.

eclectic table setting

layered textures table setting_black and ivory

Flowers and Extras…

I truly LOVE making magic happen with grocery store flowers. Not that they aren’t beautiful, but they lack the je ne sais quoi that expensive flowers and arrangements have. But that’s all part of the fun for me!

I bought three bouquets of colorful wildflowers at the grocery store last week and asked my friend Sarah, an ex-flower designer and floral expert, for a few tips on how to make my grocery store flowers last longer. Her best tips were to remove any leaves from your stems that will be sitting in water. Those are the main culprits for mucking up the water in the vase. Next she advised me to cut the stems of all my flowers while submerged in water so the flowers immediately suck up water instead of air once they’re cut. The air bubbles are what lead to prematurely wilting roses and limp blooms. As quickly as you can, place the cut stems into your new vase full of water, and arrange.

Wildflowers centerpiece

While I usually create an assortment of arrangements in various sizes from small to large to create a full floral moment down the center of my table, this neutral look called for something much simpler. I wanted a large statement in the center and found this great white vase that lives mostly on the floor of our Reading Room.

I separated the flowers from the leaves, and added all the most common blooms in the vase first. Then I grouped together the reddish orange Protea Pin Cushions into the front area and interspersed the yellow Ranunculus among them, allowing them to droop along the edges, because I just loved the relaxed vibe it created.

I carefully placed the white beans in between all the flowers for a little pop of texture and used the leaves that came with the bouquets in large bunches off to the sides to create a fuller look that felt a little wild too.

wildflowers table

Standing alone though, my arrangement wasn’t quite enough, and since I had a few wildflowers left over that didn’t make it into the main attraction, I cut them short to fit in these little copper burnout vases {which are really not vases at all, but tea light holders}. I tell you, nothing is off-limits!


* For more on arranging grocery store flowers, check out my Late Summer Tablescape for tips and tricks.

Wildflowers tablescape_mixed textures

I finished the look off with a few little potted succulents on either end, surrounded by a few river rocks for color and cohesion, and set my turquoise French Bulldog salt and pepper shakers beside them for a little whimsy, and voila! The Table is set!

Mixed textures tablescape _ Black and Ivory

Mixed textures tablescape_Wildflowers


Now Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy!

I LOVE Ecco Domani‘s Prosecco. Don’t tell the others but, I think it’s my favorite of all… And the twist-off cap makes it easy to save for tomorrow!

Prosecco is light-bodied and perfectly bubbly and mixes well with just about anything. From Limoncello to your favorite juice over ice cubes, it’s the perfect way to upgrade any afternoon in any season.

Grab a bottle, set your table, and invite your friends over for an afternoon of fun.

Ecco domani prosecco_1

Ecco domani prosecco_2

Ecco domani prosecco_3


Ecco Domani Prosecco

Frenchie at the table

French bulldog at the table

* This post is brought to you by Ecco Domani. All opinions are my own.

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