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pretty hair crowns

Oh MAN these handmade hair accessories by Deepa Gurnani are pretty, aren’t they?

I’ve had quite a taxing week really, and haven’t had much time to create content and really wasn’t going to post today at all, but when I opened yet another email with the word “festival” or “Coachella” in the subject, I was really blown away by these gorgeous pieces and so happy that I opened it.

And probably, more than anything, I was inspired to DIY a few of them, because while beautiful, they are quite pricey… but they are hand-crafted in India by the finest local artisans using embroidery skills passed down from generation to generation, so I understand why they are. I think obviously if you have a wedding or event coming up, they are DEFINITE must-haves, but I’m still thinking about how I can DIY a few of these hair accessories because why not? I have a similar Necklace Turned Hair Accessory DIY from a few years ago, and though it’s a light necklace, I think you could DIY any sized necklace into a hair crown in the same way.

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pretty hair accessories-4

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pretty hair accessories-11

pretty hair accessories-12

pretty hair accessories-15

pretty hair accessories-10

They’re really so stunningly beautiful.

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