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Let me hear your body talk, your body talk

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sweatpant fashion+striped shirt+blazer+wedges+window+ferragamo bag+buildings

What I’m Wearing
* Victoria’s Secret heather grey “boyfriend” sweatpants …from last year {I think they’re sold out}. Seen once here in my t-shirt fringe necklace DIY
* Lacoste striped shirt with 3/4 sleevesseen once here
* Vintage black blazer – you know, my all-time favorite cropped blazer that is dead on the elbows and has to only be worn rolled up. sadness. I will have it reproduced someday though.
* DIY striped scarf {from old skirt} …find the DIY HERE
* Velvet Angels Naked Lunch Bootie – sadly, I’m pretty sure these are sold out everywhere now. Though
these are really cute I just may have to get them
Velvet Angels - Sindrome (Anthracite Distressed Nubuck) - Footwear
* Salvatore Ferragamo bag
* Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses …these are finally sold out everywhere as well but are still available in ivory {and are kinda hot}
* Title: Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” …I’d love to see Galifianakis in a remake of the “Physical” video

The husband HATES these sweatpants. And I. Mean. HATES THEM. He’s pretty sure they are the ULTIMATE man repeller of all time. And obviously, I don’t care because I wear them anyway …because they are rather comfy, and in my opinion, rather cute. I have them in black as well. This is the first time wearing them to the art gallery though …because well, the art dealer {boss} is in Europe. 🙂

sweatpant fashion+black blazer+heels with sweatpants+striped top+cat eye sunglasses+ferragamo hobo+outfit

trees in beverly hills+cat eye sunglasses+tom ford sunglasses+long hair+sweatpants+harem sweats+wedge tstraps+ph

velvet angels naked lunch bootie+wedges with sweat pants

giant succulents+sweatpant dressing+fashion sweats+striped top+long blonde hair+ferragamo bag+velvet angels shoes

If you Follow me on Twitter then you may know that Saturday afternoon, my mom stopped by to help us add the leaves to our dining room table. Now, you may be wondering why I needed my mom’s help …well, it was her table. In fact, it was the table I grew up with and when the husband and I moved into this house in January, we were planning on buying our very own dining room table but she kindly gave us this one to use instead . . . I digress. Friday afternoon, we ordered the bench from ZGallerie to fit under the current dining room table and here we are back at square one where my mom came over to show us how it to put the leaves in …

Cut to the table …broken, in pieces on the floor.

broken dining room table

And now we have a new bench, six old chairs, and no table. Awesome. 🙂

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