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Let’s Get Physical | Sporty Workout Outfit

sporty athletic outfit  - united running shoes

What I’m Wearing…

* Racerback tanks from American Apparel {wearing two – the one on top backwards}
* Perforated soccer shorts c/o Lovers and Friends
* Sweatshirt from local Izod store
* Cheapy sunglasses
* Striped runners by United Nude
* Nike+ Fuelband & Hipanema bracelet

* Easy Bohemian Nails
* Tan by Suave Professionals Visible Glow

Since the beginning of the year, and with the helpful motivation of our Nike+ Fuelbands, the husband and I have been more active than ever before in our lives together. It’s a goal we’ve been working on making a priority for years and other than our obsession with Dance Dance Revolution for some fun cardio back in 2008, we haven’t been able to make any fitness routines stick until now.

And to be honest, it’s not that we do THAT much, but every day we hike the hills around our house and because of the ease of just being able to walk out our door into a hike vs the flat sidewalks of suburbia we’d been surrounded by until now, it has become an easy goal to attain and has shown great results.

In fact, nearing my 38th birthday, I thought the jiggle and looseness of my body would never return to its once firm past life. But I was wrong. So wrong I can’t even believe the results. I’ve always had a very athletic build, which I hated when I was young but grew to appreciate in my older years. But through the years, though the muscles were still visible, they wouldn’t tighten the way they once could. And now, after just about two months of taking the same trail and running up the steepest hills, and walking the rest, my legs and butt are nearly as firm as they were in my early twenties and I am astonished. What the bracelet reminder did was get us started, but the results have made us push on and finally commit to a healthier lifestyle that includes far more physical fitness.

It sounds so obvious to say, yeah, work out and you’ll get results, but I haven’t seen these kind of results with any other workouts I’ve tried, and to simply go take a hike every day where we are using our muscles for 30-40 minutes and seeing major results, is really making us both so proud and eager to not only keep it up, but to do more. It’s better late than never, I suppose, and it’s so much easier than we thought. Why did it take us so long to figure it out and just do it? Who knows, but we are happy to finally have it as a priority in our daily lives and to feel strong again 😉

side twist hair style

Easy hairstyle: part on the side and wave if you want texture, then starting at the side of your head, twist down until you hit the center/back and clip in place. YOu may need a few pins to hold the twist down along the way, but the more texture you have in your hair, the better it will stay.

sporty athletic workout outfit

sporty hair twist style

united RN running shoes

wavy hair with twist on the side

sporty athletic outfit

Happy Thursday Lovecats!


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