living in Los Angeles my style nautical Spring 2011 outfits

* Maybe We’ll Be Alright, It’s a Sacrifice *

nautical, 2 blue and white striped top     with cropped red pants and brown accessories

What I’m Wearing
* Victoria’s Secret long sleeved Dolman striped T on sale at the moment for $24 …this is cut very wide and boxy and when I raise my arms, my entire stomach shows but I love the relaxed fit. I got a Medium but maybe could have grabbed a small instead.
* Victoria’s Secret Kiss Capri Red pants …they were on sale for $23 so I thought, let’s just try and I was surprised at how much I liked them really. Other than being a little baggy right below the knee {and I have huge calves so I’m not sure what they were going for} they fit well and true to size. I ordered a 6 …they were a bit snug to slip on but stretched out to a perfect fit within minutes. Again, I wish they were cut a bit slimmer throughout the lower leg like my J Brand Houlihan’s
* Asos boyfriend belt, my vintage/new mix of bangles, a pearl strand bracelet & hoop earrings
* L.A.M.B. Daphine Studded Sandals…from GILT ages ago and while I LOVE these sandals ….they KILLLLLLLLLLLLLL my feet and are hard to walk in.
* NEW GUCCI round cat eye sunglassesloving them

* Hair: twisted and clipped up into a bun-ish-twisty-thing while wet after my shower.

* Title: lyrics from Madonna “Papa Don’t Preach”

Day 3 back at the gallery and I am officially over it … I only work Tues/Thurs/Fri 10-4, you’d think I’d be capable of handling it. And last week I thought I was. And now, not so much.

The drive to and fro absolutely kills me. I’m afraid it’s actually going to kill me one day. It’s 9 fucking miles but absolutely kills me and gives me major road rage because 9 fucking miles in Los Angeles calculates as 45 minutes of sitting behind assholes who are doing anything but paying attention to the road and actually driving. Am I the only one who honks at a person to GO because again, they’re doing anything but paying attention to the road, and instead of GOING they get out of their car to either hold up traffic by acting a fool in the middle of the street or actually walk up to my car window to yell at me? Do you know how many times in my life this has happened? Do you know how terrifying it is wondering if said asshole is going to put his fist through my window and into my face? Has it swayed me from honking my horn in traffic? No. Why? …because I’m a total idiot, that’s why …but also I JUST WANT THE PERSON IN FRONT OF ME TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. My question is this: Why does a horn honk to me signify GO but to many men signify OH THIS BITCH WANTS ME TO GET OUT OF MY CAR AND SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF HER! ?

Oh and also, the boss has asked me to come in an extra day this week to ya know, cure cancer and shit because SELLING ART IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and I have nothing else to do as far as he’s concerned. yeah, that’s sarcasm, because I’M TOTALLY BITTER TODAY. Officially over it. Donesky. Perspective = Gone. Rant over. Thanks for listening.

cropped red pants + blue and white striped t shirt + louis vuitton bag+gucci sunglasses

1 red pants and striped top with gucci cat eye sunglasses and louis vuitton bag

Happy Hump Day!



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