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Timm’s Gettin’ some "Big Love"


Our friend Timmy had a part on the season premier of Big Love {this week’s episode} …you’ll see him about 16 minutes in. Nice job, T-bone!

While everyone raves about this show, the husband and I have really only caught a few past episodes. In fact, we turned this one on almost 10 minutes in just to catch Timmy’s part …but somehow by 18 minutes in, we were totally and completely hooked {must have been Timmy}. Nothing could tear us away from the show …well, that’s not entirely true. About 10 minutes later we heard screams from a distance outside that sounded like “Help! …Help! …Help!” and as the husband ran to the window, I searched frantically for the remote to pause the show …then as if it never happened, the screaming subsided and cars went screeching off. At one point a car looked as if it was coming at our place and the husband shoed me away from the windows. But all went quiet and we got back to Big Love …until we heard an overhead police helicopter ruining the show again for us. It soon disappeared and a few cop cars parked down the street so we resumed the show …even rewinding it to catch what we missed. By the end, even through all the commotion, it’s safe to say we are fans.

When the husband returned from walking the dogs an hour later, he found out from a neighbor that all the commotion was another neighbor getting mugged. I KNOW! Apparently a car followed him home and as he pulled into his driveway 3 dudes got out and started beating him, thus the screams for help. He’s okay …and we feel a little bad that we were so engrossed in the show that we didn’t hear the “helps” until it was too late …and also, a bit unsafe.

I digress: Nice job Timmy!



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