living in Los Angeles my style Winter 2012 Outfits

I’m going outside to take it all in

dinner date outfit-straight hair

What I’m Wearing
* Vintage black blazer with sequined lapels.
* LAmade blush blouse… courtesy of LAmade… love.
* Rich & Skinny jeans Easy Money “Lira”… been wearing these jeans a lot lately actually.
* Faux Van Cleef Alhambra necklaces from Regina Pierallini {here’s a similar clover necklace} plus my new gold Tiffany pendant necklace and big gold hoop earrings {the husband loves big hoops!}
* Steve Madden blush suede pumps… see a better shot here
* Leopard clutch was from Aldo I think… years ago.

* Title: lyrics from Imogen Heap “Headlock” yes, I’ve become obsessed with this entire album. This is one of my favorites.

This was last week actually… a dinner date with the husband. We eat when the old people eat. It’s either the early bird special with all the seniors or in an empty restaurant before anyone else gets there. I like empty restaurants though; it means the chefs are cooking exclusively for us — which also means the food is AMAZING — and I feel a bit like royalty. The reasoning behind it is actually much more boring though. Our sort-of lunch/dinner situation is due to our schedules. It just works out this way. Surprisingly though, this particular day we ate a bit later than we normally do & left just in time to catch the amazing technicolor sunset. January has been particularly warm in these here parts, which I wouldn’t really have noticed as unusual except that the husband has been yelling out the window about it being January and how it shouldn’t be this hot. We have so many beautiful days in LA that I tend to only notice the less than perfect ones. Like, the freezing, rainy ones… and find that I am happier in general when the sun is shining. The husband, on the other hand, prefers rain… which is a bit of an oxymoron, considering. I won’t tell him though because I’ll take 80degrees now and every day for the rest of the year and forever.

Despite the heat, we still have our Christmas lights up… they’re just too pretty to take down yet. I do plan on relocating them to the backyard though… bistro style 😉

date night outfit-jeans-blouse-black blazer

LAMade blush blouse- clover alhambra necklaces-leopard clutch-jeans

date outfit-jeans and a blazer

leopard clutch-engagement ring-wedding rings

grainy photo- straight hair-leopard print clutch-black blazer

LA sunset-christmas lights-house

black blazer-blush blouse-alhambra necklaces-straight hair

Happy Thursday!


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