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My Favorite Winter Sunsets in Lake Arrowhead, California

lake arrowhead winter sunset

As much as I love summer and the beautiful summer sunsets, there’s just something about the sky in the winter…

The cloudy, yet vibrant and colorful sunsets over the lake reflect a little bit differently when there’s snow around… I can only liken it to a white board/bounce reflector I used as a photographer’s assistant in my early twenties, and how as soon as it caught the sunlight right, it bounced and reflected the subject’s eyes to a crystal clear vibrancy, allowing every detail to shine. I think that must be what the snow does for the sunsets because they’re incredible.

I truly love where I live. It’s an amazingly wonderful feeling that I didn’t really know existed. I feel lucky every time I look out my windows, every time go outside, or step into nature, and feel the life surround me – engulf me, I become part of it, and it’s beautiful. As much as I miss the palm trees, which are still my favorites for so many reasons, the sense of gratitude I feel every day I’m here, is really something to live for.

Seek it out and find your version of it if you can. It’s so worth it.

lake arrowhead sunset over the lake with snow

lake arrowhead sunset through the trees

waterman canyon lake arrowhead skyline

When I drive Waterman Canyon, referred to here as “The Rim” or The 18, I almost ALWAYS pull over at one point or another to take photos of the sunset. Many times I schedule my trips down the mountain near sunset so that I can drive back up into the beauty of it. The really only time it’s not beautiful is when it’s foggy… and then I avoid it like the plague.

lake arrowhead at dusk

lake arrowhead

pink and blue sunset over the lake arrowhead

pretty sunset over the lake

rainbow sky over the city

bright sunset on the lake

Happy Weekend Lovecats!

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