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christmas tree decor

My view of our Christmas tree from the sofa… or, well, the floor by the coffee table looking up 😉 I love it this year with my DIY Snowflake Topper. I used LED lights in warm and in cool and got a really great blue/yellow or silver/gold look to our lightly frosted tree and I used mostly silver, white, gray, and teal & turquoise ornaments to trim it.

christmas tree

A closeup of my Geo Christmas Ornament DIY

crocs snow boots

I have new snow boots from Crocs, and while really, they’re all pretty great, these Duck Boots from last year are still my faves. I wear these traction cleats over the soles so I don’t slip on black ice.

diy christmas decor

My DIY Eucalyptus Filled Heart Ornaments Strung… I love these. I think it’s the colors mostly.

winter walk

I love when it snows. Other than the insane dryness that occurs in the winter, it’s become my favorite time of year. We happen to live on the side of the mountain that is more shaded than the other, which has it’s pros and cons. It gets darker and colder over here and the snow stays on the ground for weeks whereas the opposite side that gets hit with the sun all day, has no snow to speak of. This was on a walk the day after it snowed, when the roads were still covered as well. Now we still have snow everywhere but the roads are clear. But it all looks like a fairytale when the snow comes. I’m hoping for another few inches before Christmas too so we have a white one.

dark snowy steps

This is the view of our neighbor’s house from our master bedroom window… and sometimes when the motion light goes on in the middle of the night, I think I’m going to see a bear walking up the steps, but I never do. It’s probably just the wind, but I get up and look out every time just in case.

doggy cuddles

Cuddling LeRoy by the fire… and kissing. He’s now on two different meds for his seizures, but they’ve subsided, which is good… though the drugs make him much slower and different and I’m hoping “he” comes back around soon.

winter lake

We try to walk every day but some days I’m just too busy. But a walk by the lake in the snow is an amazing perspective and mood changer.

I started off December with a BANG and felt inspired and motivated and started my 30 Days of DIY challenge and then two weeks in, the work started piling up and everything became overwhelming and suddenly I couldn’t sleep again and wanted to crawl into a hole. I always forget that December tends to be a tightrope walk as it is and to pile even more work on top of my already busy schedule, was just ludicrous. So instead of freaking out from the pressure {well, I totally did}, I took the weekend off from my DIY challenge and I’m just going to say that my 30 days may turn into 40, or even 50. I have about 18 left in my series, and I WILL finish, because I don’t NOT FINISH… but it may take a bit longer than 30. Even just typing it here is making me cringe because I hate not doing what I say I’m going to do, but seriously, I need a wee break.

Happy Weekend Lovecats!

* Hope you’re having a lovely one.


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