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How is it the end of June already?!?!

puppy selfie

Sneaking a Saturday sleepy puppy selfie… #mamaphotobomb

mean muggin frenchies

Mean muggin… straight thuggin puppies in the sun.

woodland roses

These amazing woodland roses smell as lovely as they look. I love all the different textures and colors here. Nature is truly stunning.

pug getting a bath

This smelly pug got a bath… a hose bath because it’s warm enough now and he has so.much.HAIR!

tea time

Every Smile is a direct achievement…. Wise words on tea bags.

new bed

We spent our Friday evening assembling this bed… and then the puppies hurdled over the center bars, which was pretty cute. I’m so excited our Master Bedroom is finally coming together!! There are a few photos in last weeks’ Instagram recap detailing the new side tables and dresser upgrade.

frenchies making a heart

They’re always together, and it’s ridiculously cute. Often when they rest, they form a heart and I love it.

team usa nails

#TEAMUSANAILS!!! And/or Red, white, and blue nails for the 4th! Full nail tutorial post coming tomorrow!

husband with puppies

The husband’s first outfit post last week, a new monthly feature I’m excited to include and share here.

lace and jersey

Date night outfit… lace for him, jersey for me 🙂


Overalls make the perfect tech outfit for not only disguising tons of gadgets, but also seamlessly transforming from summer days to fun nights out.

overalls for night

starbucks frap and cake pops

Because sometimes you need a sugary splurge… DIY ’90s Daisy Nail Tutorial

sweet peas

These pretty flowers grow wild around the lake this time of year, and every time I see them I grab a few blooms for the home… and because Instagram is so awesome, now I know that these pretty flowers are Sweet Peas! Thanks Insta-Friends!!

dusk on the lake

This will never get old. I feel grateful every single day that we get to live somewhere that is so beautiful.

cute frenchie puppies

Weekends are for lounging on the patio… yay summer.

Happy Weekend Lovecats!

* Hope you’re having a lovely one.


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