My InstaLife Recap : Week 3/4-3/10 in Photos

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big white girl afro curls leopard dress, gold accessories, big hair
big blonde afro box of curlers

1. Still rocking the curls yesterday, which are larger than life & bigger than any camera can seem to capture. While we were out, forgetting about my HUGE hair, I watched a little girl tap her father & say “Daddy, look at her hair!” Hahahahaha it made me giggle.
2. What happens when you let your husband choose your outfit. {I bought this dress in Vegas in 2010 and this was the first time wearing it}
3. The husband requested big hair for his birthday 😉 {this was my best white girl afro to date}
4. My box of curlers {more info here}

naked trees, branches, sky bebop pugman, old pug
fresh snow

1. Naked trees… the sun shines so brightly the day after a snow that most of it falls off the trees and branches by the next day.
2. Bebop turned 12 on March 8th… and the husband turned 37 the same day
3. It snowed again! While I am looking forward to Spring, I still love seeing the snow.

houses in the woods on stilts houses in the woods brown and green
deep in the woods

1. Houses in the woods… Stilts
2. Houses in the woods… brown with green trim
3. Into the woods… we took a walk/hike the other day before it snowed again into an area we hadn’t been before and it was extremely gorgeous… and a little terrifying if you think in horror movie cliches. This has become one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

candied apple hair, long blonde hair, diy hair accessories
classic white blouse, low cut, hat 

1. We’ve grown fond of the candied apples at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory. This one is insane. Called “Avalanche” for obvious reasons.
2. My DIY hair accessory from last week…
3. My outfit post from last week…
4. LeRoy follows the sun around my office all day.

candied apples raspberry beret

1. More candied apples… these are our faves: Apple Pie and Chocolate peanut butter {I can’t remember the name}
2. Looking through an old hat box I found this raspberry beret I actually did find at a second hand shop over 12 years ago for $1. It doesn’t really fit my ginormous head but I couldn’t pass up buying it simply because of Prince.

Happy Sunday Lovecats!


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  • Anonymous

    March 10, 2013 | Reply

    You can turn that pink hat into a mini-pillow! Just use a round pillow form and cover the front of it with the hat. (Cover the back of your pillow form with fabric)

  • thankfifi

    March 10, 2013 | Reply

    you are so gorgeous with that headband and yes, men will be men, but once a year, why not?!

    Happy Birthday to your boys.x

  • elle at wishingoodluck

    March 10, 2013 | Reply

    Oh myyyy! I ADORE those curls! So couture! Rock ’em girl!

  • Paula Shoe-fiend

    March 10, 2013 | Reply

    I love where you live – it’s so magical! That leopard print dress is HOT – I can see why your husband suggested you wear it 😉

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • 7eventh Letter

    March 10, 2013 | Reply

    LOVE the big curls on you!!!

    7eventh Letter

  • Jennifer

    March 11, 2013 | Reply

    Wow the nature surrounding your home is breathtaking!

    xo Jennifer

  • Evi

    March 11, 2013 | Reply

    Love your hair! Great photos!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  • Lyndsy

    March 11, 2013 | Reply

    bebop is so sticking cute!

  • Trissta

    March 11, 2013 | Reply

    Lake Arrowhead looks amazing! It kind of reminds me of Eugene… minus the snow! I’ll have to visit one day. Also, I feel like those caramel apples put 5 lbs onto my thighs just by looking at them!

    Much Love,

  • Anonymous

    March 13, 2013 | Reply

    I still love those big curls. You inspired me to try it… but mine never get as big 🙁

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