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I’ve actually been taking some cute photos of the boys with my DSLR camera, but since my Instagram updates are so puppy-heavy, I never get around to editing the “pretty pro” shots and sharing them here… I guess you can never look at too many cute puppy pics, but what are your thoughts? Would you like to see more puppy photos from my nice camera? Shots that aren’t also popping up on my social media accounts and that are of better quality?

12 week old frenchie pups

The Little Lords are 12 weeks old today and have been with us for one month exactly. The first two weeks were more difficult, but now that they are getting a little bigger, and learning to potty outside, they are more fun to play with and watch grow.

little puppies on big stairs

They are just discovering the stairs… and even though Trevor is bigger than Randy, he’s more timid and Randy has figured out how to go up and down two and go up all of them, though coming down the big section is still too scary for him. They are just about as tall as the steps themselves.

old pug frenchie pup

In the beginning, when the puppies were really tiny, Bebop kind of just tried to get away when they pounced him, but now that they are a little bigger, Bebop has started playing back with them and it’s really cute!

outfit layout

I’ve been obsessed with these DIY Pom Pom Jeans and the ’90s inspired outfit as well. Click links for more details.

outfit post

coachella nails

My Coachella Nails… even though I’m not heading to the desert.

suaveglow + puppies

Getting my summer glow on with Suave Professionals Visible Glow. See my pale skin before here and my slight faux tan after only four uses here. I’m stepping up to the next color level and will post one final tan in two weeks.

love peeps

Our friends Josh and Rafi sent us this lovely Easter gift in the mail; PEEPS in every color!

tbt national siblings day

My Throwback Thursday on National Siblings Day… the time my brother and I thought it was a good idea to take head shots together in matching wife beater tank tops 😉 I think I was 25 and he was 19 here, making it maybe 2001?

More Puppies!

frenchie pups

randy funny puppy face

crocodile hunters

trevor puppy head

puppy kisses in the sun

the little lord

Little Lord Randy in the long upstairs hallway

sleeping puppies

Whenever the puppies wake up from a nap, then get tiny hiccups, and it’s really cute!

Happy Weekend Lovecats!

* Hope you’re having a lovely one.

Seriously, Mad Men AND Game of Thrones tonight?!?! So much TV excitement!


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