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My InstaLife Recap | Week 7/7-7/14 in Photos

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baby feet and baby shoes

Baby shoes… because, baby feet.

kid and pug in wheelchair baby

guest bedroom meatball

The husband’s family came up to visit this weekend and much fun was had! I can’t resist this adorable baby and his baby feet and snuggle him whenever I get a chance. He’s a happy smiling baby at the moment, so anytime I can chat with him and get a smile makes me sort of burst with joy… These two littles are my brother’s in law. So we cleaned the house and I prepped the beachy blue and white guest room as I do nearly every Thursday evening for our coming guests, and enjoyed our visit. Uncle Billy taught us how to make homemade meat balls with homemade sauce and grated fresh parmesan cheese on top. OH they are SO GOOD!

neon sunglasses
diy pink glue gun and rhinestones long blonde wavy hair

* The husband brought me home these fantastic neon pink reflective sunglasses to use while stand up paddle boarding so I don’t lose any of my good ones. The reflection was a happy accident!

* So happy to finally get a DIY in… inspired by this pretty hair combs post, I made these two pretty DIY hair combs last week.

* Outfit post: blue and white polka dot overalls a new Summer outfit favorite.

fluff as food black frenchie
fanny pack belt bag red rose with the tall trees

* Randomly found some Fluff for sale the other day at the mini Jensen’s #gross {but they make spectacular sandwiches at the deli}
* LeRoy’s always got one eye on me.
* Outfit post: black and cognac outfit with belt bag
* I couldn’t sleep the other night… and then those sad feelings crept in… and then everything became sad and the saddest of all the feelings crept in. And then it’s a sad “I can’t have a baby” pity party. But I finally fell asleep


This pug has HAD it

It’s getting hotter than we expected it to up here this Summer and the fans just aren’t enough. We’re having central air installed next week…. because OMG THE HEAT.

mountain road red rose after rain

* We drove to Redlands for a doctor’s appointment last week. The drive down the mountain on the 330 is much nicer than on the 18, where you feel like you’re going to go over the edge at every turn.
* It randomly rained the other day and all the colors were gorgeously contrasting with one another.

Happy Sunday Lovecats!

Hope you had a nice weekend.


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