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My Weekly Instagram Photo Recap // 2/2-2/8 2014

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getting a tattoo

A little more ink yesterday with the husband at Sacred Elements… after a little over a year, we finally got our LeRoy tattoos. Though mine is not an actual semblance of him. I also got a second little one you can see a version of in my video at the end of the post. The husband took this photo with my iPhone yesterday while I was getting worked on… and what you can’t see are my hands gripping the sides of the table in pain.

frenchie puppies sleep together

Just a sweet Throwback to Randy and Trevor being snuggle puppies together. I seriously cannot believe or even remember just how tiny they were!

blonde hair with bangs_red lips

Hair closeup from the outfit I’d like to wear every day… plus a little red lip action and #RedLipSelfie for the British Heart Foundation and American Heart Association.

ripped black skinny jeans_plaid+leopard

Mixing a little plaid with a little leopard in last week’s outfit post… but finding my tattoo choker from the ’90s was the best part of it.

stella mccartney falabella bag_leopard print coat

More from last week’s ’60s leopard look… my Stella McCartney ‘Falabella’ bag is a favorite edgy classic.

baby frenchie randy

Why so serious, Randy? #TBT puppy head.

blue eyes_bangs_selfie

Eyeball closeup, because sometimes you just can’t help it when the lighting is right.

leopard creepers

Leopard creepers {on sale now!}, because if anything deserves a hint of leopard, it’s a cool take on an old punk classic. From this style look.

pancakes with syrup

I am vowing to make these incredibly looking and healthy protein packed pancakes Laney posted last week!

alexander wang zipper pouch_fingerless gloves

We have had only one snow this winter, which was over the week of New Year’s Eve, and as I sit here in a t-shirt rather than bundled up, I am saddened that it doesn’t even look like there is any in sight. I drove up to Big Bear a few weeks ago to visit friends/family and the snowy mountains were calling my name. I’ve been dying to go snowboarding ever since and literally dreaming of snowy mountain fun.

This photo from the archives, but surprisingly had a little more leopard this week. Find all the details in my Go-to Winter OOTD from 2013

french bulldog brothers

Oh these brother Bobes. No matter how many bones we have, they only want the one the other has. Generally, they’re very polite about it though.

mixed prints_leopard with black and white_60s style

Seriously, can you tell I’m in love with this outfit? It’s just redundant now 😉

COVERGIRL mascara full bloom review

Last week I did a full POP makeup and hair tutorial video + photos which includes a giveaway, so go leave a comment on the post if you haven’t yet to be entered to win.

A video posted by @lovemaegan on

Yes, I sing lullabies to my dogs {and YES this is silly and a little bit embarrassing, lol}. Trevor especially LOVES music. It’s really funny and kind of amazing to watch him listen to different songs and respond. He generally adores Lorde, but when I sing One Direction to him, he starts to fall asleep, and then when I stop, he whines at me to do it more. I’m totally 100% not even kidding here, lol. He loves it.

Happy Weekend Lovecats!

* Hope you’re having a lovely one! ANNNNNNDD Who’s excited for the return of The Walking Dead tonight AND the premier of Better Call Saul? I seriously cannot wait!


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