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My InstaLife Recap | Week 8/25–9/1 in Photos

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We’re having a nice and relaxing weekend and though I have work to do, I can’t bring myself to do it… well, I am, just slowly I suppose. We spent the evening last night at our neighbor’s house for dinner and the best margaritas I’ve ever tasted and good conversation. It was really fun. It’s funny moving to an entirely new land and trying to make friends when you both work from home {and one of you {ahem, me} is a tad anti-social} but we’re finding our community here, and so far, we love everything about it. I’m still utterly surprised when people are genuinely nice and patient. I shouldn’t be, but growing up in LA, you come to expect a certain type of bullshit and cynicism in all circumstances, and that’s just not the way the rest of the world is… even just an hour and a half away. It’s such a nice and refreshing change.

New eyeglasses

So I got my new {and first ever pair of } eyeglasses on Thursday evening and I love them. It’s funny though, trying to get used to them, as I occasionally forget they’re helping me to see better and think that I’ve forgotten to take my sunglasses off. And as I remove them, all things blur in front of me. It’s an adjustment, but I already feel my right eye less strained as I work. I only wear them at my desk {and every time my husband walks in he says “you look cute in your glasses” and it makes me blush ;}

They are Ted Baker “Cherry Blossom” B855 Frames in Ebony/Tan and I LOVE the two toned look!

Black Frenchie, DIY Leather Butterflies DIY Feather Mohawk

* LeRoy photobombing my DIY Lanvin Leather Butterflies photoshoot
* DIY Feather Mohawk {see also the necklace combo I speak of below}

Vintage necklaces

My favorite necklace combo as of late… been wearing them with everything as you can see in all my recent outfit posts. It’s a chunky round chain that hits at the base of my neck and worn with a vintage rhinestone necklace that pokes out just enough below the chain to look like one necklace. I love the mix of hard {the chain} with fancy {the rhinestones} – see them together in the mohawk shot.

80's Barbie BBQ Corn Nuts

My mom saved a ton of my childhood toys for my kids, but since we don’t have kids, Delilah benefits for now. I think my mom may be having just as much fun with them though, based on the amount of photos she texted me of them the other day. They are all apparently stuck in the 80’s when and where I left them, complete with mesh hair accessories inspired by Madonna, no doubt, fur collars, and a nice helping of pink and black, which obviously remain my color combo of choice to this day.

I couldn’t help picking up some BBQ Corn Nuts the other day on my way home and they reminded me of working at the art gallery considering much of my diet there consisted of them and peanut m&m’s. They’re still delish.

lap dog

Occasionally I’ll be working and suddenly feel like somebody’s watching me… and then I look down and LeRoy is out of his bed, sitting and staring at me. Just. Staring. Many times it means I WANT AN APPLE RIGHT NOW, but sometimes he just wants me to give him a little love. And while he’s not really a “lap” dog because he’s a tad too big, and we’re both uncomfortable, he’ll occasionally sit on me while I’m working at my desk just for the kisses.

Happy Sunday Lovecats!

Hope you’re having nice weekend.
I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S SEPTEMBER {but I’m super excited for Fall and Winter this year!}


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