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My InstaLife : Week 12/2-10

Over the last week or so, we’ve successfully moved into our new house up in Lake Arrowhead and have been furiously unpacking boxes and moving furniture around trying to get settled. Our new refrigerator and beds arrived last Friday, the internet on Saturday, and DirecTV just yesterday. Being without TV for 4 days is kind of major in our house considering we live with ESPN as our background noise day in and day out. Needless to say, the husband is a very HAPPY man. We still have a few more things to take care of like TV mounting above the fireplace & bedrooms, washer/dryer hookup {it’s a bit different here & we don’t want to blow our house up trying to figure it out}, new front and back doors {there are 3}, and a new sofa which should arrive in a week or so {fingers crossed}.

But we are having such a fun time learning how this new place works. Even though it’s just about an hour and a half from our old house, it’s a completely different lifestyle from what we are used to back in LA. But so far, we absolutely LOVE it here. L.O.V.E. I can’t even begin to explain just how nice and helpful and kind everyone is… it’s literally like a movie, I’m not even kidding. There is beauty in everything here and just about every single day we look at each other in awe of it all.

new house, ombre curtain panels daddy daughter love, my brother with delilah

delilah smiling in the guest room leroy in my suitcase

guest room closet fail

orchid and trees packing to move, her closet

lake arrowhead village classic trench and stripes

pug and frenchie new dress a day book

coffee table, decor

Info & Links…

1. Finally successfully hung one curtain panel after 3 unsuccessful tries… only 400inches of windows left :/ {in the living room alone} {I should have hired someone}
2. We had our first visitors up just yesterday, my bro, sis in law, and niece, which was so fun so we took a little walk down to the lake… seeing my little brother with Delilah just melts my heart every time.
3. Delilah immediately fell in love with the girly guest room.
4. Still living out of my suitcases, LeRoy thinks it makes for a lovely bed.
5. The last room at the end of our long hallway has a fun step-down, an A ceiling and is the more feminine of the guest rooms in our new house. It came with this Tiffany pendant lamp but I may swap it out for our more modern white pendant than used to hang in our old living room. My mom refers to this as “her” room. 🙂
6. Major. Closet. FAIL. Minutes prior, I stood in my new {and first-ever walk-in}, excited to get to organize it and then BANG!!! It’s all fixed now though.
7. My most recent orchid on the window sill of our living room, blending into the scenery outside. Can you see the eyes on the tree closest to the window? I love it!
8. My old office/dressing room packed up and ready to move last Wednesday… all the boxes say “Her Closet” “Shoe” which made me giggle.
9. After lunch in Lake Arrowhead Village last week, watching the ducks make their way over to someone tossing food to them. So cute.
10. My classic trench and stripes look {click here for Ways I Wore It}
11. LeRoy and Bebop ready to move still at our old place.
12. Packing up Marisa’s new book New Dress A Day… which I’ll be reviewing soon {once I find the box it’s in, lol}
13. A gorgeous wood coffee table that I can’t decide if I want or if I want to wait to find something vintage and/or a little more unique.

Happy Monday!


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