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My Weekly Instagram Photo Recap // 2/9-2/15 2014

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This week’s Instagram was pink and redder than usual, as it was leading up to Valentine’s Day, but it was fun too!

couple selfie

My funny Valentine since 2004… I can’t believe how long we’ve actually been together but also how quickly that time has passed. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day… or just a nice Saturday 🙂

black french bulldog

My forever Valentine, LeRoy.

LOVE rib tattoo_puppy cuddles

Cuddle sesh with Randy and my newest and tenth tattoo, LOVE, in my own handwriting… the L is actually for LeRoy and I love it.

french bulldog brothers heart dog food

dogs with heart food

These Bobes play games in the morning with their breakfast and mostly just won’t eat until the other is done and/or watching… so we end up dumping it out on the floor and recently I made hearts to see if it would entice them. They sniffed it but went about waiting for the other. As I type this, there are two small piles of dog food on our kitchen floor waiting to be eaten.

hair_hair bow

A hair shot of my favorite old/new hairstyle as of late from this sugary sweet outfit post.

chocolate cupcakes

Make these light as air Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting in a cinch with Laney’s sneaky recipe!

heart tattoos_valentines day nails

A favorite Valentine’s Day manicure and heart tattoos circa 2004

home office_Trevor

Another area in my home office Trevor likes to perch on… in fact, neither of these dogs actually understand what a “dog bed” is other than for tearing it apart. They only want to be either on us or on things, and Trevor, especially, likes to perch on all the random benches, stools, chairs, and poufs in my office and in the entire house, the ones he especially doesn’t belong on.

pink coat_ripped skinny jeans

From my Valentine’s Day outfit post.

pretty dessert recipes

These pretty Red Velvet Strawberry Mousse desserts are so pretty and pretty easy too.

writing lovenotes

DIY Love Notes with Ecco Domani

Frenchie sleeping in my office chair

This Bobe Trevor is obsessed with my office, and mostly wants to sit wherever I’m sitting, kick me out, then take a nap.

But this is pretty much the way we feel every Monday too.

Happy Weekend Lovecats!

* Hope you’re having a lovely one!

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