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DIY Cut Out Heart Pockets // Vintage Levi’s Denim on Denim

501s_Heart pockets_hair swinging
I know it’s just days after Valentine’s Day and this could essentially be a Valentine’s Day DIY, BUT since I didn’t really think about it until last Thursday, and am posting it AFTER V-day, I’m labeling it under general cuteness and Denim & Jeans rather than Holiday DIYs, as I did with my DIY cut out ankle hearts jeans… well, actually, they made both categories. I’m not exactly sure why the DIYs that are popping into my mind lately are all heart shaped, BUT, I do happen to love them.

This is an easy one, and because the inside of pockets are generally darker than the outside, you get a cute contrasting heart without much effort at all. However, you really cannot use your back pockets for anything more than a hand rest afterwards, unless you line them or stitch in a cute and contrasting fabric, like lace or sequins, as I have below just for effect. Either way, it’s a super ridiculously cute DIY and though I’ve got a denim on denim look here using old and worn Levis 501s handed down from my brother and a vintage Wrangler snap down denim shirt from the ’70s, it would be really cute on a pair of cut offs in the summer.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY cut out heart pocket jeans_vintage levis- 1
* Jeans {preferably worn or distressed or vintage so the denim inside your pocket will be darker}
* Scissors


DIY cut out heart pocket jeans_vintage levis-2
Pull up the back pocket of your jeans, away from the rear material, find center {which is easy on Levis because you can just follow the stitching design} and fold it in half.

DIY cut out heart pocket jeans_vintage levis-3
I decided to leave the pocket stitching/logo detail intact and used the point as the point of my heart as well. With the pocket material -only- folded perfectly in half, carefully cut out a half-heart… the same way you learned how to do in pre-school 😉

DIY cut out heart pocket jeans_vintage levis-4
When I recently cut out hearts at the ankles of a pair of skinny jeans I used a template to create matching and perfect hearts. I wanted these to be a little rougher and both different, but if you don’t trust your skills, definitely cut out a template from paper first and then draw it on your pockets and follow the lines with your scissors.

DIY cut out heart pocket jeans_vintage levis-5
And it will look a little something like this. If you don’t like your cut-out, you can carefully trim away the parts you don’t like and create a better, more rounded heart design.

Do one pocket or both and you’re done! It should take you under ten minutes to complete, most likely, about five.

NOTES: If you want your hearts to fringe a little or have raw edges, begin with a smaller heart and then use this tutorial to create a nice raw/fringed denim edge. You can also stitch in a little lace, sequins, or any fabric of your choice to create a cute patched look from the inside out.

And… Voila!

DIY Sequined heart cut out pockets _ levis 501
DIY Cut out heart pocket _ vintage levis 501s
denim on denim_heart pocket diy_vintage levis
501 Vintage Levis_DIY Heart Pockets

Have Fun!
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